Something to Read on Your iPhone or iPad During Spring Break

Lyrics of “here’s to the freakin weekend,” or, “tonight – we are young,” frequently ran through my mind this past week. Like any typical college student, I could not be happier that it is Spring Break time! While I am certainly enjoying my time off, I realized I still had some homework loose ends that I had to catch up on. Mainly, what am I going to write about this week for our School Supplies for Afghanistan effort? Then, an answer CLEARLY hit me. Well, more of a question…

Before we run off to enjoy the beach, there are some things we should think about besides swimsuit options.... (Image from

Do Afghanistan children have Spring Break? Coincidently enough when I searched for an answer to this question on Google, these are the kind of things that popped up: accounts from my fellow peers on this WordPress blog, an article about how Yale Press sent two correspondents to Afghanistan during Yale’s spring break in 1983, and an article about a military base offering a Spring Break camp for children. Nonetheless, I don’t have any clear evidence on whether or not Afghanistan children have Spring Break. However, if they were to have a Spring Break, I intuitively can state that their Spring Break would not be similar to ours.

During my time off, I believe it is important to remind myself (and you readers) of these points. That is, that we have so much to be grateful for. Afghanistan children, if they are in school, often are taught outside under a tent or in the sun. They may not be able to write in paper, so instead write in the sand (for more facts and figures on education in Afghanistan you can click here and here).

Before I stop writing (and you stop reading) to go enjoy Spring Break, I would like to share an experience I had earlier this week. On Monday, we had visitors from the class last year who wrote for this blog and fundraised for school supplies. During the visit, our Professor Liisa Temple had thank you gifts from the families in Afghanistan for the school supplies shipped over. The gifts were beautiful, but the thing to me that was so beautiful about them was that they were ‘gifts.’ It just reminded me that when you are grateful and share with others less fortunate not only do you spread goods, but you spread GOOD and gratefulness too.  If you’d like to spread some GOOD today, click here to start. If you are a personal friend or coworker feel free to call or email me!

Check out what the Afghanistan families sent back to America! (Photo by Jenna Cummings)

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