Showing Appreciation

Being the worrier that I am, I am constantly “over-thinking” the simplest things and this class is certainly no exception to that. I am always thinking to myself, will I actually achieve my personal goal of collecting 10 boxes of school supplies, will my school supply events turn out to be a huge success, and sometimes saying to myself, am I doing enough to set myself up, in the right direction. The worrying, just never stops!

With that in mind, the previous class for “School Supplies for Afghan children”, visited us last Monday, for an award ceremony. It was a chance for US military show its appreciation for their hard work. Each student received a certificate of appreciation from an Air Force Major as well as several gifts that were sent to them by the Afghan families. This was their  thank you for the school supplies the previous class collected their children received. 

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It was comforting to learn more about the previous class and their experience going  through what we are currently trying to accomplish. They were very uplifting and told us not to feel discouraged, if we had not yet seen the school supplies rushing in. They told us to if stay positive and passionate about our cause; then that passion will spread onto others and they will automatically want to support us. The previous class reminded me that I am not always going to be successful at every avenue I try to tackle. But they also told me to look at the big picture and continue to strive for my goal. Then I will certainly succeed.  Hearing this fueled me to try even that much harder to collect school supplies for the Afghan children and the US troops who will hand them out on humanitarian missions.

So, if you remember from my last blog post, I mentioned that I was still waiting for a follow up email, from the minister of the local church within the area I was hoping to partner with to collect more school supplies. Well, I finally received that follow up email and it turns out that the minister is quite interested in our project. I will be meeting with him over Spring Break to work out all the details and to set up my collection box at his church, the New Life Christian Fellowship.

After leaving class on Monday, I felt a new sense of motivation and drive to take on new challenges to accomplish my goal.  How great will I feel when this is all over and I look back and say: “WOW !!! I did all that!”

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