Everything is Starting to Come Together

So I have some developments and some updates concerning my collection of school supplies for this organization.  I’m currently working my way through several sources to collect supplies.  My main two sources for collecting school supplies involve my event and partnership with Sisters United Muslim Association as well as soliciting donations from friends and family.

One of my sources for collecting supplies is my family and the families of my friends who live in my hometown of Pensacola, Florida.  I sent letters to a few families I knew several weeks ago.  One of these families was the parents of my best friend and roommate.  The other day my roommate received a phone call from her mom asking for me.  Having received my letter she was excited to hear about my project in more detail and to give me updates on her collecting.  She was very excited about going through her house and pulling out whatever pens and paper she could find.  Furthermore, she apparently has some contacts at a local school that has a large amount of crayons, colored pencils and construction paper that they are willing to donate.  I’m elated to have gotten such enthusiastic feedback from a friend’s family and when I go home for spring break next week I will hopefully have quite a haul of supplies to take back to Tampa with me.

Crayons: Photo Courtesy of Parent's Choice

Things have been going very well with regards to my partnership with SUMA as well.  I made a presentation about School Supplies for Afghan Children in their general body meeting last Friday.  Unfortunately the attendance for the meeting was lower than usual as a consequence of midterm exams but the feedback I received from the members who did attend was overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic.  I have started posting our blog and other links to the SUMA Facebook page to keep them updated and extend the information to the group members who missed my presentation.

In addition to holding a school supplies collection competition at the local private schools the president of SUMA alerted me to another opportunity for me to collect supplies.  On March 19th, SUMA and the Muslim Student Association (MSA) are hosting a comedy event known as SUMA after hours.  This event is going to be held in the Oval Theater and will feature a performance by comedian Preacher Moss.  I am working to get the word out to members of SUMA as well as MSA that I will be attending the event with a collection box in hand to collect supplies.  This event is a charity event so I feel as though it will be a good opportunity to find others enthusiastic to support our cause.

SUMA After Hours Event Advertisement: Ad Courtesy of SUMA

Its inspiring to see how much my commitment and dedication to this organization has inspired others to contribute and get involved.  I hope I continue to experience such great support from others in my local hometown community and within my partnership with SUMA.  If you are interested in following my journey in partnering with SUMA follow our blog.

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