Keep Moving Forward

Last Friday I was sleeping in a bit (Isn’t that what Friday’s are for?) when I received a text message from my mother. It was a simple “R u awake?” (My mother loves to be hip and speak “text” language. She thinks shortening her words makes her younger. If you’re reading this, I love you Mom!). After that first text message she sent another: “Just went out on the porch – You got 5 boxes of pens donated from Bic… maybe 500 pens per box? Woo-hoo! :o)”

This was just a highlight of my day to kick my weekend off. You see, I was not expecting anything from Bic. Not last Friday, and not really ever. Sure, I sent them an email a few weeks ago soliciting a donation, but I never heard back from them. I had written it off as a lost cause. Yet, on Friday 2500 pens, give or take a few, showed up at my door.

Today when our class met, we had a bit of a party with the class from last year. We got to mingle, ask for advice, and watch as the class’s alumni received certificates of appreciation for all their hard work. One of the previous students, Patrick, gave me this advice during our mingle time: Don’t stress about it. All of your stuff is going to come together and work out. This class is not academic; it is a class of action, so just keep actively working towards your goal.

I think that is exactly what this donation from Bic has taught me. All of us, my classmates and I, just need to keep working for our donations. Little by little it will come together for our fundraiser. Little by little we will help the children of Afghanistan. Every little bit helps and every little bit changes the life of a child!

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About Shelby R.

Shelby Register is in her third year at the University of South Florida. She is pursuing a Bachelor's of Science degree in Chemistry and is participating in the Honors College program. After her graduation, she hopes to go to medical school. In her free time, Shelby likes to volunteer, travel, watch the Food Network, and try out new recipes in the kitchen.
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