A First-Rate Problem with First-World Problems

Do you ever have those moments where you know the current day is just not your day? You lose your lucky necklace, you receive bad news regarding your future hopes, or your check light on your car is freaking out…. As I was expressing a frustration early this week, my very intellectual coworker jokingly pointed out, “Ah, first-world problems…” At first, I laughed and continued on with a discussion about how most of our problems are first-world problems. Later, it hit me a little differently.

Does this sound like a familiar problem? (Image from quickmeme.com)

See, in a first-world country in America, we deal with first-world problems on a regular basis. Most of us most of the time can step back, acknowledge this, and laugh. However, what about the moments that we don’t? The moments where we mourn over losing something material, cry excessively over bad news, or curse at our car. The times we curse the radio for being on commercial our entire 5 minute drive, are frustrated that we have to wait a month for the next episode of our favorite show, or silently say, “Dang it!” to ourselves when we want to eat something right after we brushed our teeth (check out some more hilarious first-world problems here).

Living in the United States, it is only normal for us to experience these issues. However, this is parallel to living somewhere else – for example, a third-world country. There it is only normal to experience things like not being guaranteed to clean water, to food, to birth control, to rights, or even to an education (learn more about third-world countries here).  I’m not trying to make any reader feel bad or guilty by sharing this. I just think it is important to be aware. Maybe ignorance is bliss, but awareness is real.

I think the image says it all. (Image from photosfan.com)

Anyways, if you would like to take a break from first-world problems, an easy way would be to join me in collecting school supplies for children in Afghanistan. Often, these children cannot participate at school simply because they do not have the materials to do so. A small donation of supplies can help a student participate. If you are interested, please click here to begin helping. If you are a personal friend or coworker feel free to call/email/text me!

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