Looking Forward

The donor letters, I emailed to family and friends little over a week ago, I have already received feedback from three people, who are willing to either donate funds or school supplies to me. So, I am quite delighted about that prospective and how greatly, it is contributing to my personal goal to collect 10 boxes of school supplies.

Now, if you remember from my last blog post, my main event for collecting school supplies is to partner, with the USF Bull Market on 3/21/2012 between 9:00-3:00pm. For this event, my partner and I, is trying to partner with either Dunkin Donuts or Papa John’s, to see if there is any possibility, they can donate donuts or pizza for our event. However, it’s taking a bit longer, than we both anticipated in getting a direct answer, but we are still currently, working on getting this idea for our event.

Who would think a pencil could change lives!(Photo Courtesy blogs.themailbox.com)

As for partnering, with the local church within the Tampa Bay area, I mentioned in my blog post last week. I emailed the minister for that particular congregation earlier in the week, but have not received any feedback yet. I am waiting it out a little bit longer and see if anything changes within the coming week. If not, I am already thinking of another idea that might be quite successful, but I will wait for my next blog post, before revealing the details about that.

So, what I learned this week is that getting organizations or businesses to support, a cause can be quite challenging at times. Some organizations are willing to give a helping hand, without any hesitation, while others can be quite difficult and require a lot of time and dedication to just get them, to even listen to you. Nevertheless, “School Supplies for Afghan Children”, is an amazing project and it does not matter how many “NO’s” I get, I am always looking forward and thinking of new ways to create ideas that might become a success.

Persistence is the key to success

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