Carousel of Progress

Walt Disney World's Carousel of Progress (Photo Taken From: Google)

This past Sunday my boyfriend took me to Walk Disney World for my birthday. I don’t care how old you are; Disney never gets old. There is a ride there that relates to my writing today: The Carousel of Progress. This show takes you through a revolving theatre in Tomorrowland as it tells you the story of the evolution of technology of the 20th century. The “carousel” takes you through time from decade to decade as a family discovers new technologies that make their lives more comfortable, easy, and fun.

The reason I bring this up is because, within a matter of one hundred years, look how much has changed. Look how far we have come in our technological advances. Progress is extraordinary. At the start of the 20th century, computers were extremely large and cumbersome. They were mostly used for business purposes. Now, there are laptops as well as desktops, computers that fit in the palm of your hand, and hundreds of programs to go along with them, not just for business but for fun and games as well.

Computer from the 20th Century (Photo Taken From: Google)

This developing progress is interesting to take a step back and look at. Part of our school supplies fundraiser is creating awareness through the various forms of social media. I am shocked at what social media can do. Although it is a rather new phenomenon, it has spread like wildfire. I mailed out actual letters over a week ago asking people to donate. When I didn’t hear back from them, I decided to send them a message on Facebook asking if they received my letter. Within hours, I received a response. I post updates on Twitter and Facebook regularly about my progress and needs for this charity. People press “like” or make comments within minutes of my posting. Tweets are re-tweeted. People begin following our class blog. All because of a simple post on a social media site.

Computer from the 21st Century (Photo Taken From: Google)Our society has come such a long way. Would our class be as successful if it didn’t have these various form of social media to utilize to help get the word out? The answer we will never know. What we do know is that progress has helped shaped what our class is today. Social media has given us sought after success, all with the push of a button.

So I am determined to keep blogging my heart out, keep inundating facebook with events and status updates regarding our fundraiser, and keep tweeting the public to raise awareness and make change happen. Progress has given us social media. Time to take it and run with it.

About Allison Chalifoux

Hey everyone. I am a student at the University of South Florida majoring in public relations and business. I am a triathlete so am always training and working out. (huge nutrition and exercise buff here). I love adventure, travel, and experiencing new and exciting things. I love to cook and bake. You can find me in the kitchen most of the time experimenting with new recipes. My dream is to eventually open my own bakery specializing in wedding cakes. My nickname is Little Sunshine, so the purpose of my blogs is to bring a smile to people's faces and inspire them in their day to day activities. I currently work as a lifeguard at Adventure Island in Tampa.
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