Calm Before the Storm

They say that the time just before a storm is the most calm. Everything seems normal and then before you know it clouds gather and the air around you stands still. The winds in the atmosphere gather at the storm front giving the surrounding environment an almost stagnant feeling. If the event drive were a storm, that is how my journey in the gathering of school supplies feels.

In the family and friends portion of my drive, I haven’t heard from any of the donators about the schools supplies they were going to

What I hope is for dinner tonight. Fingers crossed. Photo by Paul Bacino.

gather in the past week or so. It’s a little distressing as I was hoping that I would have a better estimate as to how much more I might need to reach my goal before Spring Break next week; however, maybe it just means they’re collecting a lot more than I thought. Either way, two of the five families I asked for help will be attending a fish fry dinner at my church tonight and I’ll be able to ask them in person. I expect good tidings on this front.

More pressing is the event Avagay1 and I are setting up. We have solidified our spot in the USF Bull Market and have begun our work contacting Dunkin Doughnuts and Papa Johns for the use of donated products. The problem is the responses received. Dunkin Doughnuts corporate gave me the spin about but soon enough I’ll make my plead with the manager of the local establishment for help. Our connection to Papa Johns is through a previous student who knew the Papa himself. Unfortunately, he is not responding to the contact info we have for him; but that doesn’t mean anything.

With three weeks left before our event I hope that we able to get everything inline without too many problems. Things happen and

Liisa Temple in relaxed lecture mode. Photo by Alejandro Cuesta.

plans don’t always pull through; you just have to be able to lay back and roll with the punches. After all, a good rain storm leaves behind a rainbow; and while we are still in preparation mode, I invite you none the less to our event at the market if you’ll be nearby.

As always, follow this link for a list of items collected for school supply donations or if you have supplies for donation. Thank you for your support and have a good weekend.

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