Act Now.

Our letters have been written and sent out, and with high hopes we await responses. Some have received denials in return and others have been successful, but it is the silence that is deadliest. It is the silence that keeps us in suspense on a single thread, and it leaves us with questions: Did they get the letter? Are they thinking about it? Should I follow up?

My school supplies event was met with open arms by the USF Honors Council. They have embraced my idea to incorporate school supplies into an Honors Event. The event will be the Honors Council Spring Picnic.

I am excited to get the ball rolling and hear all their ideas. Krupal, a fellow classmate, and I will be working on this event together. On Thursday is the Honors Council general body meeting in which I will be presenting a slide show on the charity to the council and many residents that live in my building. I hope they will take the news back to their respective floors and spread word of this very deserving cause.

How often is it that we forget how lucky we are to live in America? When I wake up in the morning I can be sure that I will walk to a classroom, my professor will be waiting, and there will be a whiteboard behind him/her. My professor may even use a projector. I may even turn my head around the room and hear fellow students complain about how hot or cold it is in the room and some will complain about exams while texting away on their phones.

Three boys at a single desk in Afghanistan (Photo by Rex Temple)

But what happens if when you wake up to walk to school you aren’t sure there will be a classroom, there definitely won’t be a whiteboard, and you are huddled on the ground desperate to hear the words of your professor? There is no doubt you will be in near unbearable heat and you can forget about any notes you hope to take for that exam. Our education is the key to your freedom, but it seems circumstances are holding you back.

We take for granted what we have and although many of us sympathize for the children of Afghanistan, we find it hard to empathize with them. We were given the chance at an education and the money to receive one so that we could make a different world. Wouldn’t it be cowardly and wasteful not to?


About anar242

Hi! My name is Archana but I go by Ana. I am a 20 year old senior at USF and I am studying Biology. I aspire to be a physician and in the future I would love to work for Doctors Without Borders. In my free time I enjoy swimming, tennis, drawing, surfing, and hanging out with friends. I am excited to embark on this new journey through my major works major issues class with Liisa Temple as our professor.
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