Today’s Progress, Tomorrow’s Promise

It’s exciting to see how well “School Supplies for Afghan Children”, is progressing and making great strides. The USF Honors students have already made arrangements to partner, with several organizations such as the USF Honors Council, SUMA and PRIDE, and the Catholic Student Union to fund-raise for school supplies.

Knowledge is power. (Photo Courtesy

A lot was happening during class this week. Everyone was actively planning their upcoming fundraising events or were finalizing their solicitation letters that are to be sent to family and friends, telling them about our project and asking for their support. We even took to our twitter accounts, tweeting well-known people such as Oprah and Anderson Cooper, asking for their help in any way possible.

I am delighted to say that I have organized my first fundraising event to collect school supplies. I will be partnering with the USF Bull Market on Wednesday, March, 21stto carry this event out. Therefore, I urge everyone to come out and support our project, and to take a least two items of new or slightly used school supplies to donate to us. I anticipate with the help of faculty and students at the USF Tampa campus, this event will be quite a success. Furthermore, I hope to soon be partnering with a local church within the area to see if I can possibly, leave a collection box with them. However, this idea is still a work in progress but I hope to soon get it in motion.

My 1st Fundraising event will be on 3/21/2012 @USF Bull Market (Photo from

 With the weeks ahead, I would like to see “School Supplies for Afghan Children”, continue on this same path of success. It’s refreshing to see with a vision in mind and action behind it, what great things our project is already accomplishing. I will continue my efforts in thinking of new ways to collect school supplies and to continue spreading the word about our cause. Furthermore, I am quite anxious to see what organizations; I can possibly team up with next, for the coming weeks. I strongly believe that today’s progress will certainly be tomorrow’s promise. A promise for a brighter future for the average Afghan child, a promise to instill hope, and a promise to restore peace within the nation—all starting with the power of a PENCIL!!! 

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