Getting There

I was so very proud of myself Monday morning with the supplies I was able to acquire from my parents. I probably got about two to three boxes worth. So my thanks for the support. Now I only need another six or seven depending on how much was donated to the class widesharing locations. But since there are still many weeks left in the semester, I’m hoping to gather more than the ten that are expected of me.

Last week I sent out donor letters to my friends and families for supplies gathering and was very happy with their responses. I’ve been busy with my thesis this week, but come weekend I’ll be able to get back in contact with them and see what stage they’re at in supplies gathering. So if you read this, you all have my thanks.

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Now to the most challenging part of this class – the event. As of last week I had no ideas of what to do; however, I was able to find help. I’ll be working primarily with Avagay1, out of courtesy I’ll keep her actual name to myself, in planning our Bull Market supplies drive. We were able to reserve a place on the 21 of March so we’re in a hurry to get things ready. I was able to find the contact information for someone who might help me get donations of pizza to help our drive as an incentive next month and am looking forward to a good result. Soon we’ll be attempting to advertise our Bull Market drive so I’m excited to see the results.

As always, follow this link for a list of items collected for school supply donations or if you have supplies for donation. Thank you for your support and have a good weekend.

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