Forming Partnerships for the Advancement of Our Cause

The prospects for the organization of events for this semester are very promising.  Plans are in place and I am beginning to execute them.  My goals are to work with several on campus organizations in a partnership to reach members of the organizations and to spread the word for our cause.  By partnering with other groups I hope I can managed to collect more supplies and reach more individuals then I could ever do by myself.  There are two on campus groups in particular that I plan to partner with including the USF PRIDE Alliance and the Sisters United Muslim Association (SUMA).

My partnership with PRIDE is a logical one since I’ve been involved with this on campus club for a long time.  PRIDE stands for People Respecting Individual Diversity and Equality and it is an organization that advocates for social and political equality for the LGBTA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Ally) community.  As an ally to the LGBT community I have been involved in PRIDE for a long time and I have an ongoing relationship with the group’s members.  As an organization that does a lot of advocacy and outreach I am hoping that the group members will be receptive to School Supplies for Afghan Children and be willing to contribute donations.

PRIDE Flag: Photo Courtesy of Jezebel

My plan for how to involve the USF PRIDE Alliance involves me making a presentation during tonight’s meeting and bringing a collection box with me to every meeting for the remainder of the semester.   I go to PRIDE meetings weekly so I will carry my box with me every meeting of the semester to try to collect donations.  USF’s PRIDE Organization is a fairly large group of people so I hope using their meetings as a captive audience will allow me to spread the word to other students on campus.

The other organization I intend to partner with is the Sisters United Muslim Association or SUMA.  I was lucky enough to hear about this organization from my roommate who attends their weekly meetings and has taken me to a few of SUMA’s events.  SUMA is an organization that exists as a community for Muslim and non-Muslim women committed to educating others on Islam and battling stereotypes about Muslim women.  They do a significant about of community surface and hold educational events such as Hijab 101 where they educate others on the practice of wearing hijabs (traditional headscarves) and what they symbolize.

Hijab 101 Advertisement: Photo Courtesy of USF SUMA

I have a lot of respect for the members of SUMA and their commitment to education and community service.  I am hoping to form a partnership with them in order to help me attain collections of school supplies and to bring greater awareness to our cause.  I’ve already contacted the organization’s presidents about doing a presentation during their weekly meeting about School Supplies.  In the same way I intend to bring my collection box to weekly PRIDE meetings I intend to do the same for SUMA meetings.  I am hopeful that SUMA will become an important asset to our organization.  Last year they collected enough school supplies over the course of the semester to fill a total of 25 boxes.  I’m hoping I can solicit the same amount of support and enthusiasm from them this year.

If you are interested in making a contribution yourself to School Supplies for Afghan children check out the list of supplies we collect.   Spread the word to others and check out our Facebook page Afghanistan My Last Tour.

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