Communication is Key

To Whoever Has Clicked On My Blog Entry,

DearHelloTo Whom It May ConcernYours TrulyLoveSincerely… There are multiple variations on how to address and sign letters. This past week, when I was writing donor letters to raise school supplies for children in Afghanistan, I thought about the best ones to use. Should I be more friendly with words like Hey and Love ya? Maybe I should use professional words like Dear and Best Regards? Or maybe I should go for some humor with Aloha and See ya later alligator?

Can you imagine not being able to read a letter a loved one sent you? An acceptance letter to a University? A business letter? (Image from Resume Writing Service)

As per usual, my brain then went on a thought tangent. I began thinking of all the ways individuals communicate with one another. Not only do languages have words that represent meanings, but there are phrases and contextual meanings to phrases (that’s why direct translation from language to language rarely works 100%). For example, my knowledge of English is so plentiful that I have a separate vocabulary for when I am with my friends versus when I am writing a research paper. However, what would you do if you didn’t have a full knowledge of your language? How would you communicate effectively; an action that is essential to survival in this day and age?

I love writing. When I get an idea, I grab a pen and run with it. What if a pen wasn't there for me to grab? (Image from Writers Break)

According to Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education, an estimated 11 million Afghans are illiterate (full source here). That is 11 million people who can’t communicate at the level most of us communicate at. 11 million people who may not be able to address or sign a letter, and certainly couldn’t tell you which words are better for a specific target audience. 11 million people who might not even have the paper or the pens to learn how to write a letter.

Why am I sharing this with you? Well, if you have read through this entire blog (thanks if you have), you are enjoying the full benefits of being able to read. I would like to share these benefits with those who are less privileged, and you can help me! Just look around your house for extra writing supplies: pens, pencils, paper, markers, and notebooks. Then contact us or drop them off at one of our locations by clicking here! We will make sure that these supplies make their way to someone in need.

With hope,


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