Making a Difference Today!

With “School Supplies for Afghan Children”, continued goal of collecting 10 boxes of donated school supplies per student this semester. With that in mind, I now have the challenge of deciding where I would like to leave my first collection box. I have thought about several possibilities, ranging from finding an organization on campus that would be willing to support my cause or to possibly visit my old school, and ask to leave my box with a previous teacher or a club that I was involved with there.

SMSgt Temple handing out donated school supplies to Afghan school girls in April 2010. (Photo by SMSgt Rex Temple).

In an effort to start collecting school supplies as soon as possible, I have recruited family members and friends to begin spreading the word about our project and what we hope to accomplish by the end of the semester. So far, with their help I have received a few pens, pencils and notebook paper, which to me is a great progress from where I was a few weeks ago.

I have made a list of few businesses and organizations I plan on contacting; who I believe would be receptive of my cause and would not hesitate to donate school supplies to me. A few of these organizations include, working with my old JROTC program and to possibly partake in Bulls Market on campus as well. Also, we received a surprise visit from Kacie Segovia, a previous student that was extremely successful at collecting school supplies. Last semester, Kacie received 3,000 pens from Bic corporation and the rest of her donated school supplies came from a drive she organized with her old school, Clearwater High School in Pinellas County.  Moreover, Kacie received a large amount of donated school supplies last semester from Bic Corporation, by simply emailing them about her cause and asked for their support.  (Kacie’s story).  A personal experience like this, keeps me hopeful that I too have the potential to be quite successful at raising school supplies, for the Afghan children.

Kacie Segovia after her presentation to the Clearwater Rotary Club during the spring 2011 semester. (Photo by Liisa Temple).

Now, I have made a personal goal for myself to collect per week at least 1-2 boxes of donated school supplies, from now until the end of the semester. With me being positive, dedicated and motivated, I hope to possibly expand far beyond that goal as well. I constantly remind myself that I am actively participating in changing the course of a child’s life and the possible outcome for their future. I almost feel as if I am completely responsible for making a difference for them and without my help they will remain in the oppressive state of their current government. I sometimes try and picture myself in their position and how I would appreciate the help of someone else trying to make a difference for me. The reality is, many Afghan children are not hoping for much, most are simply seeking the opportunity to receive school supplies so they can possibly go to school.

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” (Stacia Tauscher).  

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