Formulating a Plan of Attack

Week after week of learning about the children living in the war torn villages of Afghanistan has been more than enough inspiration for me to get started on several projects to collect supplies.  If they have the passion and commitment to care about going to school so much then it is the least I can do to try and collect some supplies for them.  I have several plans in the works and I intend to solicit the help of several outside organizations to for support.  This week is the planning stage, and next week action will begin.

A Child Excitedly Holding a Pen Received from School Supplies: Photo Courtesy of Rex Temple

My plan of action can be broken down into three main parts:  contact friends and family with donor letters asking for donations of supplies, give a presentation to several organizations I attend meetings for so I can bring a collection box regularly to meetings, and contact business corporations such as Target that may have an interest in contributing.  With persistence and a good articulation of the goals of this organization I am optimistic that I will be able to find support from these various sources.

The school clubs I plan to target include S.U.M.A. (Sisters United Muslim Association) and P.R.I.D.E. (People Respecting Individual Diversity and Equality, and LGBTA organization).    One of my close friends frequents meetings for S.U.M.A. and I through her I intend to get in contact with the officers for the organization and to get permission to do a presentation at the next meeting.  I am hopeful that I can garner some support from this organization.  Last year they donated 25 boxes so hopefully we can repeat that this year.  I often frequent meetings for P.R.I.D.E. so I intend to speak with the officers today about doing a presentation for them too.  I will attend meetings for the rest of the semester collection box in hand to pick up all the donations I can get.

In addition to soliciting donations from on campus clubs I intend to send out donor letters to friends and family as well as some businesses.  I was considering that it would be a good idea to ask the Target Corporation for some donations.  Target has been known to take part in a great deal of philanthropy and I know a lot of their charity involves helping make education more accessible to children by supporting schools.  I am hoping that with a well worded letter and some anecdotes of Afghan children’s desire to gain an education in the face of such adversity Target will be willing to send us some supplies.

Target Charity Logo: Photo Courtesy of Target Corporation

I am optimistic about the prospects of collecting a significant haul of supplies for the this semester.  If you are interested in what you can do to help here is a list of the supplies that we collect.  Spread the word about this organization by sharing this blog and liking us on Facebook.

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