A Game Plan!

How do I collect school supplies?  This thought has been going through my mind ever since our class started.  But now I have a few ideas about how I can accomplish this.  I just need to manage my time and as the Nike slogan goes, “Just Do It!”

Nike....Just Do It. Image by Nike.

My Motivation?  Of course I have motivation, it is to help the children in Afghanistan but I found a new source of motivation.  Last week, our class put a school supplies donation box in front of the Honor’s college entrance and to our amazement, there was quite a bit of school supplies that were donated.  Just look at the picture.  I would have never thought that people would take such an initiative to donate and just within the small time span of a week!  So the new source of motivation I found is that people genuinely want to help and I need to go and find them!

Just yesterday our project got a new request for school supplies to support a school with 1600 kids in Northern Afghanistan.  This request was sent in by a local troop from Sarasota who is currently deployed in that region. And his wife also happens to be a USF grad student. The school he wants to help is in a very bad condition.  No A/C or central heating (it’s still snow season over there!) and the roof has holes in it.  But the kids who go to this school are enthusiastic about learning so they wear their jackets and come to class regardless of the conditions.  Their  ambition to learn is simply astounding.   So it’s time to get moving!

The supplies collected in the Honors College Lobby in one week (Photo by: Shelby Register 2012).

My first approach is to send out my donor letters to 5 of my personal friends.  I expect that they will help because they are genuinely kind-hearted people.  Professor Temple helped us draft these donor letters so that they sound professional and credible.  I need to send these letters out this week and start collecting school supplies.

I am still working on what to do next but I have a few ideas.  I want to talk to a few organizations on campus and see if they can get involved in collecting school supplies.  I also want to find a few places to set up donation boxes.  I have to keep being active and collecting.  I also want to talk to a few office supply stores and see if they are willing to make a donation.  Now that I have my game plan, I need to execute it!

For more information about where to donate, click here.

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I am a junior at USF studying Biology. I am interesting medicine and hope to become a doctor in the future.
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