The Art of Giving

The true art in giving comes straight from the heart and having the ability to give without the expectation of receiving something in return. The true giving comes from deep within from the same place where you store your fondest memories and your deepest happiness. A gift is something that brings pleasure twice. First by the giver who feels great satisfaction by giving something special and then also enjoyed by the person who receives the gift. Any act of kindness, compassion, and charity will multiple and return to you in great abundance at the appropriate time, and you will also feel tremendous joy by supporting a great cause in the end.

Participate in fundraising and change lives (Photo taken from Raccoon Tales Project).

This week we had Jillian Alpert the Associate Director for WUSF, came by and spoke to us about the importance of fundraising as well as advised us on some of the best ways to getting the word out about “School Supplies for Afghan Children”. Mrs. Alpert said to us, people usually do not give towards a cause typically because they are not asked to do so. Also, she said the best way to get people involved, is by explaining to the donor how beneficial their donation will be to our efforts and also by telling the donor how successful we have been in the past. For example, the previous students shipped 220 boxes of school supplies to Afghanistan, raised over 4,000 dollars, and we currently have 17 states as well as Germany and Canada participating in our project. Moreover, Mrs. Alpert suggests when fundraising it is important to never accept the word “NO” and to always ask for more to   support your efforts.

Now, with the fundraising ideas that are currently in motion to carry forth the efforts of “School Supplies for Afghan Children”, we have come to see how important the art of truly giving can be and the impacts it can have on others such as the Afghan children, who receive our donated school supplies and contributions. Most importantly, “School Supplies for Afghan Children”, are simply seeking slightly used school supplies and we do not need money.  Furthermore, by supplying the Afghan children with something as simple as a pencil it prevents them from picking up a gun and turning towards violence and hatred. If on a small scale we are capable of aiding the education for some Afghan children. We then are providing them with the Knowledge to one day fight back against the current conditions of their society and to hopefully strive to pay it forward and change the lives of others in the future.

The power of a pencil (Photo taken from

My Social Media, Social Change class is no longer about just earing a grade to me, it goes far beyond that now. This course has provided me without the opportunity to learn about another cultures way of life as well as to actively participate in raising the needed funds and school supplies that will change the Afghan children outcome in life forever. With the efforts and dedication of my fellow classmates this semester, we hope to take “School Supplies for Afghan Children” to new heights. However, this will only be possible if we reach a wide enough audience, who are willing to support our cause and who understands how beneficial their donations will be and as a result will have adverse effects on many young lives within Afghanistan.

If you would like to support the efforts of “School Supplies for Afghan Children”, please click here 

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