Motivation Crushes Obstacles

This week officially marks the start of our school supplies fundraising.  The goal is to fill 10 flat-rate shipping boxes per a person.  When I first heard our goal, it seemed like a

A typical shipping box we will be filling and a sample collection box. (Photo by: Shelby Register 2012)

huge number.  The thought of not being able to fill 10 boxes with school supplies shook me up.  I had lost sight what the end-goal was.  But then I asked myself, why do I have to fill the 10 boxes?

I couldn’t find a satisfying answer right away so I began to think about my education.  My parents have paid for my entire education by working 60-80 hours a week.  They continue to pay for my education at USF.  In addition to paying for my education, they pay for my food, my books, my car, my insurance, and my credit card bills just so I don’t have to work and can focus on my education.  Both of my parents have only finished school partially and they wanted to give me the opportunity they never had, to obtain a good education.

Education. Image by

Understanding the opportunity I had made me think about the children in Afghanistan.  If I collect and send 10 boxes of school supplies to Afghanistan, it would significantly change the lives of many children.  They would be given the opportunity to learn and gain an education to change their future.  They would be able to follow their dreams of become a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, or whatever their hearts desire.  That was the answer to my question.  To give these kids the same opportunity I had.

Once I had answer the question, I felt extremely motivated towards the cause.  I felt more optimistic.  I stopped thinking about the obstacles and began thinking about how can I fill the 10 boxes.  Understanding the importance of education is fueling my motivation.  This motivation has given me momentum to strive forward and collect school supplies for the children in Afghanistan. If you would like to donate school supplies, visit this page or feel free to contact me at

Henry Ford Quote. Image by

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About krupal10

I am a junior at USF studying Biology. I am interesting medicine and hope to become a doctor in the future.
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