How far a pencil can take you

This week’s class began as an introduction to the fundraising world. As we begin writing our letters to friends, family, and just about anyone we can get to help, I can’t help but wonder: where do I begin? Or an even better question to ask myself is how will I end?

Soldiers handing out notebooks to girls in Afghanistan (Photo by Rex Temple)

As we set our goal for the semester I can feel anxiety creeping up. Anxiety can take a grip around your throat if you allow it to. It is the space between now and then, it is fear of oneself. Anxiety and fear are the emotions soldiers drop as they board their planes, as they kiss their families goodbye, and as they set foot in Afghanistan. If a soldier was courageous enough to bring school supplies to the children of Afghanistan, I surely am not going to allow my own worries and anxiety to hold me back.

As I sit here now, twirling a pencil in my hand, I let the idea that this pencil is the key to success and an education for some little boy or girl in Afghanistan swim through my mind. The average cost of a pencil is 11cents. Could you imagine if 11 cents were the key to your success but you couldn’t afford it? If 11 cents bought you an education, a way out of poverty, a way to provide for your family, yet it was still out of reach.

As children we are taught to reach out for the things we want (our mother, food, a blanket etc). As we grow older this habit develops into something much more. As adults we reach out for our goals not only with our hands but with our mind, our actions, and our words.

Children in Afghanistan asking for pens (Photo by Rex Temple)

As the children of Afghanistan reach out to soldiers for pencils, pens, papers and much more, they reach out for hope, for a future. They reach out to escape from poverty, to escape from the weight of the world holding them back. Education is their key to freedom.

I have decided to turn my anxiety into a drive. Turn it into motivation to provide the children of Afghanistan with a chance to succeed, provide them with a pencil. When we are young, we are innocent and as we grow, our hearts become tainted with all the evil we endure, all the pain we feel. For the children of Afghanistan education is a way to set them free of the grip that the Taliban has on their hearts, on their dreams. It is our silence, our fear, and our anxiety that is the key to success for the Taliban. So I will not let my anxiety and fears hold me back. I will choose to speak out, spread awareness. With our help a war can be won, with a simple pencil.

About anar242

Hi! My name is Archana but I go by Ana. I am a 20 year old senior at USF and I am studying Biology. I aspire to be a physician and in the future I would love to work for Doctors Without Borders. In my free time I enjoy swimming, tennis, drawing, surfing, and hanging out with friends. I am excited to embark on this new journey through my major works major issues class with Liisa Temple as our professor.
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