An Unexpected Beginning

A few weeks ago when spring classes started I expected to take a Major Works/Major Issues class in the form of an essay writing course like everyone else I know. With a desire to join the medical profession, I had planned on taking the course on the mind and the brain in hopes that I could learn something that might help me better understand the psychology or chemistry behind addiction or compulsion. Taking a course called “Social Media, Social Change” was the last thing on my mind; and because of my disappointment of the dependency society has placed on social media and dislike for the contemporary usage of the phrase “social change,” I never even bothered to read the description of the course.

So how is it that I ended up choosing this course over the one that I had at one point even dreamed about taking. Well it turns out that this course needed a minimum number of students or it would be cancelled, or so the Associate Dean pleaded when it was time to sign up for our specific major works class. He explained the course in great detail; and furthermore, even hassled and goaded students to join it (it was really quite funny). In my case it was entirely unnecessary. As soon as I heard what the course was actually about, and not what I understood it’s title insinuating, I knew I couldn’t allow it to be at risk. I come from a military family and was raised to support those in uniform whenever I could and if my involvement could help even one soldier, it would be my honor to be there for them.

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On Monday the 23 of January, class activity began with the full on immersion into the “School Supplies for Afghan Children” charity by means of organizing, packing, and labeling supplies. It was fascinating how many little things were involved with sending supplies to hot spots such as Afghanistan. The boxes had to be sealed up completely so as to keep dust and anything else from hitching a ride to a school thousands of miles away. Even the types of tape involved were rationed to different purposes; with clear scotch tape only involved in keeping the address label secure. By the end of class 18 full boxes had been sealed, packed, and ready to go with paper in binders, pencils, and backpacks as well as 18 individual handwritten customs forms.

I’ve never been a very social person so I am unsure of how much use I could be in aiding the spread of this cause; but I know from experience that every little bit helps. So I hope that if you read this you will follow suit and find a way to give back in any way you can, be it from a monetary donation or that of a single pencil.

Follow this link for a list of items collected for donations.

Follow this link should you have supplies for donation.

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