Jumping Into the Deep-End!

It has only been the second class meeting and we are already getting our feet wet.   During class, we began sealing the holes and openings of the priority shipping boxes to ensure that nothing gets into the box, such as dust & sand.  We were preparing these boxes so that we can fill them with school supplies and send them to underprivileged Afghanistan children.   It was surprising to learn from Professor Temple that scorpions (yes, scorpions!) could get into the boxes if they are not sealed properly.  What a scary thing to find in a box full of school supplies…

Anyways, after we carefully sealed the boxes, we began putting in binders full of loose-leaf paper into them.  The challenge was to make sure we used up as much space as possible in the priority shipping boxes to be efficient since the price to ship the supplies in the priority box is based on fixed price.  Without having to take weight into consideration, it was in our best interest to pack as much as we can into each box; the more we fit into each box, the more supplies we can ship to the eager kids in Afghanistan.

Then the boxes were taped shut from the outside to seal the box completely.  Once the shipping boxes were sealed, the shipping labels were taped on and they were set on the cart. By the end of class, we had prepared and labeled 18 boxes, ready to be shipped to the Afghanistan children.  It amazing to start off this course by seeing  what we aim to do by the end of it…

The enthusiastic children have a deep desire to learn; they value education.  But they could not afford school supplies required to attend class.  They would draw and write in the sand using a stick.  With each donation, more and more children are able to learn.  Each pencil that is shipped, each piece of paper they receive is helping them fulfill their desire to learn.  If you would like to donate supplies, please follow this LINK for which supplies we are collecting, and this LINK to find out where to send the items.

It is hard to imagine that all this started with Professor Liisa Temple (@LiisaTemple) and her husband, SMSgt Rex Temple (@AfghanistanLast) giving a few pens to Afghanistan children…

Well, until next time, good bye!

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About krupal10

I am a junior at USF studying Biology. I am interesting medicine and hope to become a doctor in the future.
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