Bull Markets

Our Bull Market Fundraiser Booth

Our fundraising booth for Bull Market! Photo by Jordi Lucero

So this past Wednesday we had our big Bull Market fundraiser!!  After a week’s delay due to some scary weather, we finally had our booth for Bull Market.  And we couldn’t have asked for a better day, it was bright and sunny without a single cloud in the sky!  It was a big success and we raised nearly $200.

Papa John's Pizza

Big thanks to Papa John's Pizza! Photo courtesy of Papa John's.

I arrived to help set up around 9:45am, and we already had a table.   Chase Zimmerman came through big time and had secured 20 boxes of donated pizza for the event from Papa John’s, the first 10 of which arrived promptly at 10 am.   The table we had initially picked wasn’t in a very good spot as far as being on the path where the most people would walk by, partly because we were next to a booth that had set up a big tent next to us, so that people walking down the middle towards the Marshall Center wouldn’t even seen us.  So first we tried moving our table, but the people running Bull Market told us that we weren’t allowed to move the table, but we were allowed to pick any of the tables marked blue and that weren’t already taken.  So we picked a different table that was right next to the Marshall Center, but not quite on the main walkway by the Bulls in front of the Marshall Center.

Our first customer at Bull Market!!

Our first customer at Bull Market!! Photo by Jordi Lucero

And then we had our first customer!!  He brought in some school supplies to exchange for pizza!  We then moved our table again because the people two tables over were leaving early, so I asked them if we could have their table!  So they helped us move over a couple spots so that we were right next to the Marshall Center and right on the main walkway to the Marshall Center!

I unfortunately had to leave for awhile to go to a job interview, and when I came back, we only had a few boxes left!!  It had started off a little slow, but we ended up selling 17 boxes of pizza, raising nearly $200, and packing a few move boxes of school supplies! I think our advertising worked really well because we had all kinds of people bringing in school supplies for pizza.  And a couple friends I had invited on Facebook brought school supplies too, and one came by and bought a whole box of pizza!  Bull Market was a big success for us!

We had so many people asking us if we were going to be at Bull Market again, so Theta Chi is going to get us a Bull Market table for this week, and possibly next week as well!  I am going to be getting doughnuts from Krispy Kreme for us to sell and trade for school supplies, enough boxes for probably 2 Bull Markets.  So this should be another eventful week!

This past Friday was also Patrick Wetzel’s Tea Lounge fundraiser, which was very successful!  A band called Elicit provided some of the entertainment for the night, and Kaleisia actually sold so much tea, that they ran out of boba!!  And it should also be mentioned that last Monday we packed and met our goal of 120 boxes of school supplies!! So the school supplies we are getting at from these fundraisers are all extra!  The main priority now is just fundraising the money to ship each box!

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