Mixed Views

For all those who have been following along with our project, we have some great news to share!!! This past Monday we reached and surpassed our goal of 120 boxes for the semester! Actually, we were able to collect a total 145 boxes! We have yet to include the boxes some of us still have at home and the supplies that we gathered this past Wednesday. Wait… what happened Wednesday you might ask? Wednesday was our first official event as students in the class and future officers for the student organization.

Our table at bull market (photo courtesy ofL Chase Matthews)

This past Wednesday we held a small drive outside the Marshall Center at USF during Bull Market. Thanks to one of the students (Chase Matthews) we were able to get a donation of 20 boxes of pizza from Papa Johns. Naturally, when college students see food, those pencils that they need for their exam in 5 minutes doesn’t seem so important anymore. We were able to collect a good amount of school supplies, but more importantly we collected a good amount of money to ship those supplies to Afghanistan. That is the pressing need for those still wanting to help right now! So if you have a little extra change in your pocket, send it our way!

 While this past week has been a week of success for this project, we did encounter a person during the event that wasn’t too pleased with what we were doing. The man came and stared at our table for a while and then started walking away. We asked him if he would like to donate. His immediate response was “I don’t agree with what is going on in Afghanistan right now so I refuse to support this.” We tried to explain to him that all we are trying to do is collect school supplies for the kids so they can be educated to become the leaders of tomorrow. The upcoming generation can help fix the turmoil that these people are faced with every day. Yet again, he gave a not so jolly response claiming that they tear down the schools as soon as they build them.

The man who came to our table was just a grinch waiting for someone to show him the beauty of what helping people is about (Image Curtosy of: RatePoint)

This just showed to me how little knowledge we have of the problems that are occurring around the world. Just because we don’t agree with a political sentiment, doesn’t mean we can’t help the people that are caught in the middle of it. Who knows, maybe those people don’t agree with what their government or their so-called leaders are doing as well. Unlike us, however, they don’t get the choice to voice their opinion of whether they support the events that are happening or not.  They have been stripped of their wealth, their rights, their food, their shelter, their families, etc. and need our support at this critical stage.

We faced a great amount of success this week with our project and have seen this dream become a reality within a matter of months. Nonetheless, this small incident with the gentleman who expressed his disappointment in a few words with a hint of stubbornness on his tongue reminded me of the fact that there will always be people who wont support your goals, causes, and dreams for various reasons. To all those who have continuously showed your immense support for our class and this project, we would just like to sincerely say, thank you.

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