So Many Supplies, So Little Shipping Funds

A very loaded cart of packed boxes of school supplies

It was such an elating feeling to walk in class Monday morning and see boxes, tubs, and bags of school supplies just begging to be packaged and shipped to Afghanistan where impoverished children desiring an education could put them to use. Yesterday in class was a packing day, and we packaged approximately fifty boxes! Two carts were stacked high and many of those priority mail boxes had not a square inch of space left in them. “If it fits, it ships!”,Right?

As happy as we all are as a class to have surpassed our goal of one hundred and twenty boxes, we are having a difficult time matching the shipping money. It is easy to donate something you already own and let’s face it, shopping for the school supplies is way more fun than just handing over the money. Since we packed about fifty boxes and it costs $12.95 to ship each one, the cost for this shipment will be about $647.50. That’s a lot of money! So now we must reach out to any and all supporters and ask not only for supplies but the financial support to ship them to the other side of the world. There’s no point in collecting the supplies if we can’t afford to get them to their destination.

Hopefully our fundraiser at the Bull Market this Wednesday will bring in a helpful amount. We will be set up between the Martin Luther King Plaza and the Bronze Bull Statue selling a slice of pizza for $1 or giving a slice of pizza in return for a school supply donation. No doubt we’ll have signs, tubs and fliers so stop by for a cheap lunch between 10am and 2pm for your chance to make an impact on a small child’s life in

Kaleisia has an amazing assortment of Teas, Pastries and Vegan food

Afghanistan. Also occurring is a school supply drop event at Kaleisia Tea Lounge located on 1441 East Fletcher Ave, sute #133. The event is April 8th from 7pm to 10pm. There will be live music and you can drop off school supply donations or donate shipping money while hanging out with friends and enjoying gourmet tea.

In the meantime, my supply drive at Reformation Lutheran Church in Lakeland is going great. The members there are very supportive and kind. So far they’ve donated about four boxes worth of supplies! This first class has really set the bar high for future students of Professor Temple’s Major Works and Issues and course.  Let’s just get that shipping money in so the children of Afghanistan can receive supplies as soon as possible.

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