Stormy Weather

With more than 80 boxes, and what looks like more than enough to reach the 120 that we still have yet to bring in, I think we will definitely be able to reach our class goal.  And we still have a Bull Market event to do!  This week was pretty grim in terms of weather.  It rained all afternoon Tuesday and I got stuck at work and didn’t want to go to class through the rain due to my lack of umbrella.  And Wednesday was not supposed to be any different, so we postponed our bull market until April 6th.  But of course, most of the day Wednesday turned out to be just fine, but hey, better than risking wasting 20 boxes of pizza.

Damage from this week's bad weather

Damage from this week's bad weather - courtesy of my cousin Joey Larson

Thursday, on the other hand, was even worse than Tuesday.  It rained all day, and there was even a couple tornadoes in the area!  The Marshall Center went on lock down on Thursday and I ended up being really late to work.  One of the tornadoes actually touched down a block from my cousin’s house on Interbay blvd, and my cousin had to pick up his kids from their Pre-School early because the school bus was damaged by a fallen tree.  On the bright side, while I was trapped in the Marshall Center, they were having their Apartment Business Expo in the Marshall Center, and I went around and got a bunch of free stuff, including half a dozen free school bags that I can use for our class!

More foul weather damage

More foul weather damage - courtesy of my cousin Joey Larson

This week was an incredibly busy week for me though, I had to find ways to work around the weather to meet my hours, and on top of that, I was helping do 2 other fundraising event for my Relay for Life Team.  Yet I still made some progress in terms of school supplies.  I received school supplies indirectly through an anonymous giver!  One of my friends works at the Marshall Center and he was working at Bull Market when someone came and asked him where our table was because they had school supplies to give us.  And my friend knew that we had cancelled, and he knew that I was involved with it through Facebook, so he told them he would hold the school supplies in the Marshall Center until he could give them to me.  So I picked them up on Thursday, and they had given us some notebooks with paper, scissors, and pencils!

There is also some progress on the Student Organization side of things.  We have been given provisional status as a student organization!! It turns out we were given provisional status a couple weeks ago, I just didn’t know it because it got sent to the wrong email.  My older brother and I have both attended USF and due to our similarity in names, we have nearly identical emails/netids.  My brother is and I am, and my brother was the one who received the email about our student organization.  And through my annoying emails to the Center for Student Involvement inquiring about our status, we finally figured out that they already sent out the notice and it went to the wrong person.  So now we can make our Constitution and email it to the Center for Student Involvement, and once it’s approved, I can sign up for a mini Bull Session to learn about student organization policies and procedures, and we will officially become a student organization!!  Zoe Stiling sent me a sample Constitution, so I am going to work on it before Wednesday and try to submit it this week.

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