Learning from my Little Sister

A picture of just one of the carts that we packed with boxes of school supplies today during class. Photo courtesy of Justin Brian

Today’s class was literally filled with school supplies.  Boxes and boxes were packed, taped, and loaded.  Even though the semester is winding down the boxes are still adding up.  Not only are people still collecting supplies but people are still giving generously.  Since my 10 boxes are packed and half of them shipped already I started thinking about what’s next for me.  Fortunately I didn’t have to think long.

I am a Big Sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization and am privileged to be mentoring a bright young girl who has a heart for helping.  With some various donations that have been collected our next adventure together will be about filling two boxes.  One box will be filled with supplies picked out for students and another box will be filled with supplies picked out for teachers.  Both boxes will only contain items that were specifically picked out by my Little Sister.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Pinellas County logo. Photo Courtesy of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Sure this is a great way to teach charity and the importance of education to my Little Sister but what I am most interested in is what I can learn from her.  I can’t wait till she talks me through the items she chose for the students and teachers in Afghanistan.

For me picking out school supplies stopped being exciting a long time ago.  I go in and out for the folders, notebooks, and other things I need to get through the semester.  But for my Little Sister picking out these kind of things is still a lot of fun.  And most of all I want to experience that again.  I want to experience the child-like excitement of picking out the prettiest, most colorful notebooks we can find.  Even though me or my Little Sister won’t be using the supplies we will know and learn together that it is going to end up in the hands of someone who will.

About kaciesegovia

My name is Kacie Segovia. I am a student at USF with a double major in psychology and criminology. I have the hopes to attend graduate school to attain a PhD in counseling and development. From there I am interested in building my career around helping at risk children in and out of the country. My ultimate goal is to use my life and opportunities as the means in which children may be provided with the ability to attain an education for themselves in areas where going to school is more a dream than a reality.
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