Rain Rain Go Away

It was something like this..

It was a reasonably calm morning this Thursday, March 31. The sky was grey, and the wind was low. However, that all changed rapidly. First, the rain started pouring down very hard. Then, the wind picked up and blew against the side of the old business building (AKA: The Bunker) where I was attending my Research Methods in business class. We were completely oblivious, simply computing chi squared problems, when we started to hear the roaring sound of a siren. At first, I thought there was an emergency vehicle nearby, but then it grew louder. Even inside the building the sound was alarming. Accompanying the sound came an amplified voice warning all who could hear to stay in doors and seek shelter. After hearing the warning we followed our professor outside of the classroom and into a larger auditorium so that we were safer. Only later we found out that a tornado had actually touched down. This was a surreal experience.

Looking back, I did not even imagine such an occurrence was in the near future. We had planned to have our supply raising event during Bull Market on this week’s Wednesday, March 30. Chase Zimmerman had used a connection to gain free pizzas for our event. Students could then come by and buy a slice or trade a donation for an equivalent amount of pizza. We were hopeful as to what we could expect to gain from this event. Our expectations were modest, but we were hoping to raise at least two boxes worth of items. Despite our planning and hopes, we were forced to cancel the event. This week’s forecast was for rain and thunder. Naturally, we did not want to waste our pizza contact’s goodwill on a day where the weather would not permit us to have our event. Ironically, that Wednesday was actually calm and sunny. The Bull Market was successful and had much foot traffic. But no one can see the future and so we made the right choice with the information we had.

After such a wonderful wednesday I imagined that the week would follow suit. This is why Thursday was so much of a shock. Instead of a beautiful rest of the week, we had a tornado, the opposite of what I expected. Thankfully, no one was hurt in USF or in Professor Liisa Temple’s neighborhood. Things could have been much worse. Everything will go much smoother next week and I am sure our Bull Market event will be a success. Until then, maybe I will receive a generous anonymous donation!

About Julio Novo

I am currently a Junior in the Honors College studying finance at the University of South Florida. I also hold a seat on the board of directors in the International Business Board in the university. My business interests are in investments and financial analysis and I am currently working to obtain a summer internship in one of these fields. However, my life isn't all about business. I am a very active tennis player and my interests range from programming to creating music. My ultimate goal is to have a significant impact on the world. A good one, of course. But for now, I'm taking things one step at a time, one managerial accounting test at a time.
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