Almost at the finish line

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Although I love to play soccer, running and I are not friends. To be exact, we’re pretty much frenemies. I’ve always wondered how track or marathon runners run and run and run until they complete the finish line. Most runners pace themselves throughout their journey until they’re in their last lap or stretch and then they find that inner passion that propels them to run like the wind and make it to the finish line in first place.

As of right now, our class is in the last lap of our incredible journey. After pacing ourselves with numerous media/press appearances, Facebook posts, Twitter Tweets, events, and blogs, I am proud to announce that we have ALMOST achieved our goal of sending 120 boxes of school supplies to Afghanistan. From the last count, I think we only need 7 more boxes to complete this goal and we’re still expecting a lot more boxes by the end of the school semester. Knowing that we’re almost at the finish line, we’re pushing more than ever to finish strong and get that first place trophy!

How cool is social media? A reader of this blog has contacted me in hopes of setting up a school supplies drive at the University of Tampa. Isn’t that fabulous? Our message is definitely spreading!

Due to the forecasting on this past week’s hellacious weather (by weather I mean rain, thunder, tornados… you know, the Florida usual), we had to postpone our Bull Market event to April 6th. So still bring us school supplies and get that free slice of Papa John’s pizza or donate $1 and get a slice!

Photo Courtesy from Kaleisia

Do you like boba? Tea? Live music? Cool hipster atmosphere? If you said yes to one of these, then I recommend you coming to our event at Kaleisia. My classmate Patrick has organized this event with Kaleisia where you can drop off school supplies, listen to two student bands, and  support the children in Afghanistan. It will all take place a week from today, April 8th from 7 pm to 10 pm. Don’t have extra school supplies? You can help us by donating the shipping cost of one box ($12.95) or even donating an extra dollar or two that will go towards this shipping cost. Kaleisia is located at 1441 E. Fowler Ave. Don’t be square because I want to see everyone there!

Awesome, fantastic last minute news. I have received a tip that I may be getting some school supplies and a check to be used for shipping costs this coming week. How much is the check? How many school supplies? I don’t have the details yet but I will be sure to blog about it next week and give many praise for this generosity! It’s definitely a nice thing to look forward to next week =)

12 USF Honors College students with the goal of shipping 120 boxes and raising $1,554. Photo by Liisa Temple

12 USF Honors kids racing at the speed of light, hearts pounding, sweat running down our faces. Okay okay, you got me. Yes, this race is a figure of speech but you guys get the picture. We’re not stopping until we’re at that finish line.

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I just graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelors in International Business. Instead of taking the next normal step in life (aka finding a 9-5 job), for 8 GLORIOUS months, I will be teaching English in Malaga, Spain! Obviously because of my choice location, I wholeheartedly enjoy soccer, travelling, photography, reading, Salvador Dali, the beach and living life to the fullest. Click on my blog to read about my life as an expat and my latest travel adventures!
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