Doin’ Stuff

This past week has been a bit busier than usual for me. Not just in terms of any one thing, but across the board; and that certainly applies to my effort to collect school supplies as much as anything else. Although, this week involved planting more seeds, it remains to next week to see how well they grow.

Stained glass window at USFs Catholic Student Center.

One of the things that I initiated this week was to tap into a local religious group that I’m familiar with. It’s something that several other folks working on this project have done and I’ve seen how successful they’ve been. In fact a few have brought boxes upon boxes of supplies from different churches. Well, I’m not really a very actively religious person, but there are days when I still call myself a Catholic (if not a very good one). Well, I’ve been talking to my friend Reina, that is much more deeply involved in the catholic student community here at USF, about setting up a donation box over at the Catholic Student Center. Well, for some reason, the officers of the Catholic Student Union, have been generally unenthusiastic about the whole thing (I’m not really sure why). So, this week, I skipped the kids all together and went to the man himself—well, at least to see Father Alan, the chaplain. He’d been prepped by my friend Reina, so it just took a few minutes to give him a box and some information, and he agreed to make an announcement this weekend. My expectations are pretty high, but we’ll see how justified they are next week.

The Mural outside the Kaleisia Tea Lounge.

The other thing that I’ve been working on to help bring in supplies for the kids in Afghanistan is setting up a little charity even over at the Kaleisia Tea Lounge just west of the USF campus. The tea there is great, as is the selection, but I’ve always just liked the comfortable environment and the personality of the people there. But then again, maybe that’s just a thing that local places have going on—they certainly beat something like Starbucks. Anyways. I’ve been trying to get this together, and Kim over at Kaleisia has been a great help and readily willing to host us. The thing that has been dragging is just all the details.  For example, we’re going to have live music, but that means that I have to bring in the musicians and get their commitment. I’ve managed, but I’m still not entirely sure about one of the bands. Assuming all goes well if you come by Kaleisia (with your school supplies) next Friday you’ll get to hear two local student bands : Act of Class, and hopefully Elicit.

Speaking of which, for everyone who is in Tampa, please com by next Friday to support us an bring your new and used school supplies. The event itself is going to be on April 8 from 7 pm to 10 pm, and if you can’t make it then you can come by Kaleisia any time the following week since we’ll still be collecting supplies there. It’s located at 1441 on E. Fowler Ave. here in Tampa. I hope to see you there!

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