So Much Accomplished, So Much More To Do

As we near the end of the semester, I can’t believe how much our class has accomplished. We have about 84 boxes so far, but students still have supplies at their house, promises of donations and drives occurring. Currently, there’s an ongoing drive at Freedom High School and Reformation Lutheran Church. The amount of supplies we have already shipped and are going to ship is mind blowing, and it feels great to have helped so many children in Afghanistan.

Tsunami in Japan, courtesy of

The unrest on the other side of the world has been more than alarming and amongst all the disasters, revolutions, rebellions and protests throughout Tunisia, Libya, Japan, Syria and more I can’t help but be reminded of how many countries are in turmoil and could use charitable help. It can be really depressing to watch the news and see civilians with little aid, and what can look like little hope. The news only covers a minute spectrum of the hardships all over the globe, and even that small spectrum can make you feel compelled to do something. Our class provides a venue for change – if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “gee, I sure would like to help them but I just don’t have the means to”, our class gives you those means. The smallest donation still can make a great impact on a child in a distant country, this is a theory supported by MSSgt Rex Temple’s experience in Afghanistan and his inspiration for the charity.

I may have already reached my goal of ten boxes, but a charity organization isn’t about meeting a quota and stopping. As long as girls in Afghanistan are prosecuted for wanting to learn and children of Afghanistan have little to nothing to call a school, there is still a reason to keep moving forward. Charity doesn’t have a “limit” or a finish line; there is always someone who could use help and always someone who can afford to donate.

Come enjoy Papa Johns pizza at the Bull Market Wed, March 30th!

Tomorrow is our Bull Market Event (good weather willing,) where in exchange for a donation of school supplies you can receive a free slice of pizza. If you don’t have any school supplies to spare, then the simple donation of one dollar will get you a slice! This event will hopefully bring in a good number of supplies and shipping money. Also, a great thank you goes out to Chase for getting Papa John’s to donate the pizza. We will be set up outside of Beef O’Brady’s connected to the Marshall Center with boxes to collect the supplies. So please come out and spare some supplies, a dollar (or two,) and get lunch in return!

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