The Pressure’s Off! (but the need remains)

My sister and brother-in-law who made a donation of school supplies that filled 5 boxes! Thank you again!

People who give, give for different reasons.  Recognition, feelings of worth, or the knowledge of what they did will help to create change.  Despite these differences people who give usually share one thing in common, which is the idea that what they offer is valuable or has the potential to be so.  Keri and David Chrzan, who happen to be my sister and brother-in-law and who also happened to make a generous donation of school supplies, explained to me why this organization was the one they chose to donate to.  My sister being a graduate student at USF and her husband who is getting ready to enter into the U.S. Air Force both have obvious ties to why they could have potentially be interested in this charity but most important was another distinction. When you give to School Supplies for Afghan Children you give more than a pen or notepad you give a child an ability to pursue an education.

Being a young married couple, in a similar position as my husband and I are in, resources are limited and you learn to stretch as much as you can out of what you have.  For example peanut butter, bread, and cereal can last a surprisingly long time and can be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner when needed. So when the opportunity presents itself to be able to give and to give with the knowledge that what you can provide is valuable then it is something to act upon, even if it is some gently used notebooks.

At times people feel that if they can’t give in a big way then they can’t give at all. My sister explained to me that what is so unique about this charity is that even if you donate a few pencils and some folders then you did give in a big way.  You provided tools for children to build a strong reliable foundation on; essentially you gave the ability for a child to gain an education.

One of the three packs of legal pads that were donated by Keri and David. Photo courtesy of

Keri and David however were able to provide not just a few pencils but 5 boxes worth of school supplies, consisting of binders filled with paper, legal pads, and pens.  As a result my requirement of 10 boxes has been reached so even though the pressure is off I am committed to keep collecting. In fact, as it turns, out I’ll never stop giving my resources or time.  As long as I remain aware of the need of so many children throughout the world then I can’t imagine not actively doing my best to meet those needs, even if it is just  taking the time to pick up an extra notebook at the store to give to those without.

About kaciesegovia

My name is Kacie Segovia. I am a student at USF with a double major in psychology and criminology. I have the hopes to attend graduate school to attain a PhD in counseling and development. From there I am interested in building my career around helping at risk children in and out of the country. My ultimate goal is to use my life and opportunities as the means in which children may be provided with the ability to attain an education for themselves in areas where going to school is more a dream than a reality.
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