Nearing Our Goal

The 25 boxes we collected on Friday!  Photo by Jordi Lucero

The 25 boxes we packed on Friday! Photo by Jordi Lucero

So this past week has been exciting!  It has been difficult for me to ask and come up with ways to get money for shipping the school supplies.  But the biggest thing that has happened for me over spring break is that my family has funded me $75 now, from different relatives.  I had told some of my family about the class and everything we are doing it for it.  So it turns out my Dad told some of my other relatives about it, and they gave me some money to fund shipping some of the boxes!

All packed and ready to go! Photo by Jordi Lucero

All packed and ready to go to MacDill AFB to be shipped to Helmand Province! Photo by Jordi Lucero

And packing boxes was really fun on Friday!  I got there at 9 am to start helping out.  We packed a total of 25 boxes on Friday!  The ABC News reporter did a story on us, interviewing SMSgt. and Mrs. Temple, Kacie, and I, and we also had a fellow USF student doing a story on us for her Beginning Reporting class!  It was also interesting to find out that the news reporter found about us through Facebook!!  She saw a post one of my classmates made on Facebook promoting the charity, and contacted the Dean of the USF Honors College who put her in contact with Mrs. Temple!  It is so cool to always see how much social networking can do for us! (if you want to see that ABC Action News story, click here.)

I still have not collected as many school supplies as I have wanted though.  Next Wednesday is our Bull Market Event, and next Sunday is the USF Honors Spring Picnic.  I am also doing a Bull Market event with Theta Chi on April 13th and 20th.  I am hoping to get the rest of the shipping money from that event and between that event, the Spring Picnic, and my donation box, I will hopefully collect enough school supplies to fill my last 8 boxes.

It is kind of easy to be discouraged because the box in the College of Engineering did not have any supplies the last time I checked, and I feel that I have no had any major breakthroughs in terms of getting school supplies.  All the supplies I have gotten so far, which is about 2 boxes, are things people have personally given me.  Our class as a whole though is already over halfway to our glass goal of 120 boxes, so as a class, I know we will make the 120 box mark.  As of Friday we have shipped 82 boxes already this semester to Afghanistan.

The Kaleisia Tea Lounge is also coming up on April 8th.  One of my good friends, and also a mutual friend of Patrick’s, is in a band so I asked him if him and his bandmates would be willing to play for us, and he said he would try to do it!  He said he has worked for Kaleisia before and would love to do it.

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