Save the Dates!

One of the boxes given to me since my last post. Photo by Justin Doromal

After a refreshing Spring Break, our class returned to our School Supplies project with strong ambitions. Personally, I have set goals to raise another ten boxes (though presently I’m not sure how realistic this goal may be), but this past week my efforts weren’t as plenty as they’d been in previous weeks (for my Spring Break, I’d taken a road trip along the East Coast, and I’d more or less spent the past few days catching up on much needed sleep). However, I did receive two bags and a box of supplies, as well as 204 notepads from a friend. Otherwise, having just come back from Spring Break, there really isn’t too much to report on.

Since my last post, a friend asked me what our class meetings were like, saying that she’d been curious as to how something like charity work could be made into a structured class. The first thing to mention is that our class is a service-learning class, so it’s much different in that there are no lectures or tests. This said, it’s almost as if each class meeting is run in its own way. A fellow classmate once described it as feeling almost like attending club meetings – and in fact, Jordi Lucero is working on creating a student organization as a result of this class.

To answer the question though, class meetings typically start with a summary of who’s done what in the past week; we go around the room and ask for individual updates on how far we are to reaching ten boxes and shipping funds, what we’ve got going on and if assistance will be needed, etc. Anything after this depends on each class meeting, but most always it involves some form of discussion, whether regarding events, an analysis on what works and doesn’t work, assigned readings, etc. Few times, we have spent class meetings on more hands-on activities, which include packaging parties and news media experiences.

I will conclude my post for this week by encouraging you to continuing supporting us. In particular, make sure to check the following out and keep these dates in mind.

March 30th – Bull Market Event
From 10-2pm, swing by our booth at USF Bull Market for some pizza. Donating school supplies to our project, or $1 toward our shipping fund, earns you a slice of pizza.

April 8th – Kalesia Tea Lounge Event
More details to follow soon, but in the meantime save the date and check out their website here.

April 22nd – Donations deadline
We will collect donations through the 22nd, mostly to allow time to package all of our collected supplies. If you have school supplies you want to donate, make sure to get them to one of us before this date! You can also drop off your supplies in one of our various drop of boxes on site, including at the Honors Lounge, WUSF main lobby, and the Engineering Dean’s office.

A picture of the drop off box in the Honors Lounge, located right at the door. Earlier this week, someone had left a rather large box of donations for us, seen here. Photo by Justin Doromal


About Justin Doromal

I am a student at the University of South Florida majoring in Mathematics, with a side interest in educational improvement and pedagogy. I am literate in French, though not necessarily fluent, and in my free time I like indulging in Korean pop music culture.
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