Halfway There….

Only half way into the semester and the project has already received an immense amount of attention and success! At the initial stages of this project, we were apprehensive about the response we would receive from fellow students. We feared that no one would contribute or take an interest to the cause. It is quite amazing to see people whom we had never expected to donate, support the children of Afghanistan.

WUSF interviewed me in our last class to help spread the word! (Image Courtesy of: mysourcefor.org)

The most exciting aspect of the class is our interaction with the media. They have played a large role in promoting the project. We were able to spread the word and collect even more donations for this drive through media exposure from various outlets, such as WUSF. As a class, we were able to conduct an interview with Mark Schreiner and his crew prior to Spring Break discussing the project and explaining its importance. It is really humbling and exciting at the same time to see that people are willing to assist with this project and get the word out! I guess it does help to have a teacher who’s a journalist and has many connections to network with!

So far this project for me has been going pretty well. Through all the donations from friends, and a recent donation from my sister, have gotten me to a total of six boxes of school supplies and enough money to fill four more boxes. Hopefully they will be filled by the next two weeks! People become very enthusiastic to participate and donate once they see that it really does not take much to fill a box and that they could easily sponsor one if they wanted to!

The amount of school supplies I have collected so far! Photo by Mohammad Ismail.

I’m really excited for our project this week more than any other! We are having our first small scale event coming up on Wednesday, March 30th at Bull Market near the Marshall Student Center at USF. It will be the first time the entire class will be in the same area to help promote the project. We hope to raise a lot of money as well as get closer to our goal for school supplies we want to have collected (our goal is 120 boxes full of school supplies and about $1,500 to ship them – we have about half of that raised already). So if you get the chance, come check out our event from 10 am to 2 pm outside the Marshall Student Center!

This class has benefited me by providing the opportunity to learn various social skills such as important tips on how to communicate with people. There have been a few challenges along the road, but Professor Liisa Temple has been an amazing resource in facilitating us to get our questions answered and bring our ideas to life! This project has allowed me to think a lot about the state of the world today and our roles in society as citizens. I am truly thankful for being given the chance to gain the knowledge and skills I am sure will be benefit me in the future!


About maismail09

My name is Mohammad A. Ismail and I am a sophomore at the University of South Florida. I am double majoring in biology and biochemistry and hope to one day become a doctor. My main goal is to make sure that I am helping the community as much as possible with all the resources I have to offer regardless of how little they might be. I believe in order for us to be successful, everyone must do their part and no action is too small.
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