Spring Break is Here

Spring Break is here, but that does not mean we will stop fundraising!  I am still talking to my youth leader at my church to see about my church helping out, and I am also talking to a church on campus as well to hopefully get support!  Over the break, I’ll also be planning an event with Theta Chi to raise money and school supplies as well.

The University of South Florida

The University of South Florida main gate at Tampa campus. Image courtesy of USF Honors College website.

I went to the Honors Event, an “Afternoon with the Morsanis”, and it was great!  Mr. Morsani shared with everyone there some of his life story and the work he does.  Dean Silverman was there too, and at the end, he presented Mr. Morsani with a gift from the Honors College.  Two USF Honors College baseball caps that Mr. and Mrs. Morsani could wear to the first baseball game at the baseball field on campus that they helped fund.  Mr. Morsani was touched by all the appreciation and gifts from everyone at the Honors College, it was a very emotional gathering!  I had a chance to talk to Mr. Morsani afterward, and I told him about our class and our charity, and Dean Silverman told him about us too!

The past Monday, we also decided on a student organization!  For officer positions we have:
Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Temple
Vice President: Zoe Stiling
Financial Officer: Julio Novo
Events Chair: Kacie Segovia
Secretary: Arántzazu Gárate
Historians: Kati Fratesi and Justin Brian
And a solid group of members in the rest of our class as well!  I already put in the request to become a student organization.  I contacted the Student Organization coordinator, and she said our student organization request will be reviewed and I’ll have a meeting with her before we become an official student organization.  Then we will just need to make a constitution for our organization and file an interim budget request to get funding.

It may be spring break, but there is still a lot of work to be done.  Making fliers and

USF Honors College Student Council

USF Honors College Student Council Image courtesy of its Facebook page

advertising for the Spring Picnic, the Theta Chi event, and our Bull Market event, I’ll also be reading Greg Mortenson’s “Stones Into Schools“, and trying to do everything else I can do get school supplies and raise funds!

If you can help sponsor the shipping of one box to Afghanistan, you can make a tax-deductible donation through Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation. Shipping for one box is $12.95. More information here.

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