Escape Is Easy, Change Is Not

Orange Juice, A sick man's best friend....(Image courtesy of

This past week has consisted of  me chugging orange juice and Dayquil down my throat just to get through the day while struggling to study for some hardcore exams! It caused me to delay working on plans I had laid out for this project. However, it seems as if we have made some immense progress already! Being sick gave me time to ponder how easy it would be to escape situations that do not directly affect me. It made me sympathize with the people that cannot escape the fates that they are intertwined with, such as the people in Afghanistan. I placed myself in their shoes and wondered how I would react.

Our main focus with this project is on the students of Afghanistan and their education. By simply improving their education standards, we are influencing an entire society of people! Our hope is to transform the society, so it can better itself and its future! This is not just my goal nor is it the class’ goal, but it is the goal of everyone who has become a part of this cause.

In order to make sure that we as students do not just stop working for this goal at the end of the class, we are focusing on making this project a student organization at USF. With this we hope to reach a higher network of people and to be able to raise awareness about the project in more detail. For example, we are planning to have a table at Bull Market at USF, which is set up outside the USF Marshall Center to help student organizations promote themselves or for others to come and sell their merchandise. March 30th, School Supplies for Afghani Children comes to life at Bull Market!

School Supplies for USF Students is gonna be a BULL!!! (Image Courtesy of USF CLCE)

Now its time to take it up a notch! Many of you have come up to me asking me what it is that I need most for this project. We’ve already contacted BIC and have recieved a generous donation of 3000 pens! The next big donation is right around the corner. We are in desperate need of notebooks! What good are all these pens if there is nothing to write on, right? So, will you be the next big donor?

I’m sure I can speak on behalf of the entire class when I say that seeing the struggles of these people, and the soldiers who push through some dangerous missions to get these school supplies to the designated areas. This has instilled a love for the project that we hope will continue to grow despite the fact that there is no class binding us. We are truly fortunate to be here and realize that everyone needs to come together as a community for the betterment of the world. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be the ones in need of this help, would someone come to our aid?

Bring your school supplies on March 30th at USF Bull Market! (Image Courtesy of

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