Seeing the moon, aiming for the stars instead

While ultimately we have a project goal of 120 boxes, sometimes it helps to look at things from an individual level. After all, 12 students, 10 boxes and $130 of shipping funds per person: seems like less daunting numbers.

Students from the USF Honors course pose for a picture with their shipment of school supplies. Photo by Liisa Temple.

I’m pleased to say that I have already met this goal.

If this were the Oscars, and if I were actually receiving some sort of award for this accomplishment, I suppose I would be taking this time to thank the people who helped me reach this goal. Sadly, no, this isn’t the Oscars, nor would I accept any award if I were given one – but I should probably thank these people anyway. So, in brief: First, to my boss at the Kumon of Brandon East, who allowed me to set up a donations box at the learning center, which resulted in 3 boxes, as well as 5 of the 9 backpacks I’ve received; second, to the members of the St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church community, whose donations not only well-exceeded the shipping costs for the 10 boxes but also helped fill almost 5 entire boxes; and lastly, my family members and friends (most notably, my mom), whose generosity and support helped me ultimately reach my goal.

The question is, where to go from here? My main focus will be assisting my classmates in reaching their quotas, as overall this is a class project, not an individual one. And my classmates have done and are still doing some pretty amazing things, some far exceeding the things I’ve done to get my share completed.

But I still have resources ready for the taking. Time? – We still have plenty of it, about half a semester… we haven’t even had our Spring Break yet. There’s still plenty of time to raise funds, collect supplies, run events… essentially, to seize the moment.

Supplies? – Currently I don’t have any supplies that aren’t already accounted for in other boxes, with the exception of the nine backpacks. But my sources are still open, with my church community and my donation box still behind me, and I’m sure in due time I will have more supplies requiring packaging.

Funds? – So far I’ve received $145 in checks, $60 in cash; my ten boxes require only $130 to ship. This leaves $95 in excess. I could spend the cash to buy more supplies perhaps, but it’s important to keep in mind that for every additional box I manage to fill, another $13 will be needed to ship it.

Shown here are seven of the ten boxes I've managed to collect. Not shown are three boxes and the nine backpacks. Photo by Justin Doromal

So though I say that for the rest of the semester I will be spending my efforts on supporting and helping out my classmates when I can, I want to set a personal goal, perhaps more of a side project than anything, both to make use of the time and to support our project goal of 120 boxes.

In half a semester, I have collected ten boxes. In the other half still remaining, wouldn’t it be amazing if I aimed to double this amount?

It would only be as an aside, like a side goal: While helping my class out with their own activities, I would like to try and collect an additional ten boxes. Having already reached my ten, it wouldn’t matter to me whether these extra boxes were counted as mine, or my group mates Julio and Kryssa, or really anyone in my class. In the end, children in Afghanistan won’t know which of us twelve was responsible for supplying them with their pen and paper.

I will close my blog entry for this week with an open question for anyone reading this. Up to now, I have blogged only about what has been relevant to our class and our efforts, within the given week. But if there is something about our project that you would like to see blogged about – perhaps you’ve had questions that you’ve just been dying to ask – please let me know, and I will be happy to see it done!

About Justin Doromal

I am a student at the University of South Florida majoring in Mathematics, with a side interest in educational improvement and pedagogy. I am literate in French, though not necessarily fluent, and in my free time I like indulging in Korean pop music culture.
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