Be Persistent!

Actions speak louder then words! Making a donation is very different then talking about making a donation! (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

After spending week after week requesting supplies and donations via Facebook, Twitter and word-of-mouth, I have come to realize a couple very important conclusions.  One of these conclusions is being persistent will pay off.   What do I mean?  People do love to help out and will commit to helping out if asked.  However, actions speak louder then words.  And these people will sometimes fail to remember or get caught up in their busy lives and not have time to reconnect with you.  This is why you must be the one to reconnect with them.  Stay in contact with these people.  Don’t let them just slip away.

Most people who offer to help really mean it.  It is very important to stay on top of these people and reinforce the donation and how much it means to the children in Afghanistan.   As Professor Temple pointed out, we must be persistent to the point that we annoy the person.  This is not an annoyance in a bad way though.  It’s almost a little nudge to remind the person to donate.  If you ask, you shall receive.  If we don’t continue asking for supplies and donations, we will no longer receive any.

Communication is reciprocal.  We must initiate the conversation and someone else must respond.  This is why it is key for us to be persistent.  Consider it this way.  When you were a child, how many times would you ask for something if you really wanted it?  You would continue annoying your parents all the way to the store and you would eventually get it.  It’s the same concept today.  We must be persistent until we receive the supplies or donation.

We are in a recession! Many people can't afford to make donations. We need to find the people who can. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Now there are plenty of people who want to help out but might not be able to.  We are in a recession today and money is extremely tight.  Some people can’t afford to donate supplies or donate money.  There is nothing wrong with that.  However, there are people out there who can afford to do one or the other…or both!  Those are the people we need to track down.  We need to find the people who can afford to donate supplies and money.

One of our classmates turned to BIC, a pen company.  I brought this up in another blog entry, but I believe it is so important!  She realized that corporations have a bit more freedom when it comes to donations so she contacted BIC.  What did they do?  They sent her 3,000 pens.  She was persistent and contacted corporations until she finally received these pens in the mail.

We are planning on holding an event at the University of South Florida’s Bull Market in the next few weeks.  We will have pizza for anyone who brings in school supplies or money.  If you make a donation, you can get a slice of pizza.  We hope the students at USF can spare some old school supplies or a couple dollars to help the children of Afghanistan.  Instead of spending a couple bucks on lunch, why not donate that money to our organization, get lunch, and feel good about yourself?  Or save the money, donate old school supplies and get some lunch for free!

Help us out by donating old school supplies or money for our shipping fund.  Each box costs $12.95 to ship and our goal is 120 boxes!  Yeah, that’s going to be $1,554.00.  Click here to donate to our shipping fund!

For more information on the school supplies we need or for drop-off locations, please click here!

About Chase Zimmerman

I am 22 year old Advertising major at a the University of South Florida.
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