Weavers of a Web

Representative of the intricacies of our "wonderful woven web". Image courtesy of masoncoschools.net

What a wonderful, woven, web we have weaved

Woven with intention to give, not receive

This gesture to show our nation remains strong

A cause to right what has, forever, been wrong

Sharing education through new and used supplies

A pencil, a pen: through these we can defy

A nation controlled by Taliban and fright

Every reason to act, and shed our own light

Through several weeks we’ve seen failure, and success

To those who have helped us, we truly bless

But, there’s never an end in lending a hand

To those reading this now, join us: Take a stand.

We promise your heart will smile after you do

The Afghan children rely on me and you!

We, at USF, send our invitation

Grab school supplies. Change the face of a nation.

Fill one, large, flat-rate-box to begin your part

Warmth, passion, and purpose will invade your heart

Our goal for this course is one hundred-twenty

With a cause such as this, there is no plenty

Shipping money helps too and is in dire need

$12.50 per box will help us succeed

My colleagues and I thank you in advanced

Remember, every box represents lives enhanced!

The "Weavers of the Web"! Image courtesy of our professor Liisa Temple.



About Zoe Stiling

Hi! I am currently a junior at the University of South Florida. I am majoring in English with a concentration in technical and professional writing with a minor in political science. I am entering the world of Wordpress for a class course and charitable cause “One Pencil Can Help Bring Peace”. I am on the USF rowing team and apart of the USF honors college. I am a first generation American of English decent and love to travel. For fun I enjoy reading, running and spending time with my friends and family. My current goal is to maintain my GPA and hard work ethic to prepare for acceptance into graduate school.
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