Nothing Worth Doing is Ever Easy

Nothing worth doing is ever easy.  And trying to get people truly excited about this project is not always easy.  But whenever you make it breakthrough, it is always that much more fulfilling!  We now have a donation box set up in the Dean’s Office of the USF College of Engineering!

College of Engineering Donation Box

College of Engineering Donation Box - Jordi Lucero

After I had contacted the Dean, Dr. Wiencek, about my project and charity, he seemed very supportive, and I was immediately in contact with Marcy and Janet, and Marcy is the Marketing Coordinator and she even offered to advertise us on Facebook and the Engineering TV screens!  And within a few days, we had a donation box and an information board in the Dean’s Office!

Information Board for the College of Engineering

Information Board for the College of Engineering - Jordi Lucero

In other news, I went to the Honors College Student Council general meeting this past Monday, and we are officially going to have a table at the Honors College Spring Picnic for people to bring in their school supplies!   I still need help making a flier for this, and advertising it though.  The spring picnic is going to be on Monday, April 3rd, from 11 am to 2 pm at Riverfont Park, and as I am writing this, I am realizing this is slight conflict with our class.  So those who would like to help are welcome to come out at some point during the event!  There will be free food, free canoeing, and lots of games.   We are going to have our own table there, so I will most likely be there at the event for the whole time.

And just another reminder, tomorrow is the “Afternoon with the Morsanis” event at the USF Honors College from 12:45 pm to 2:10 pm, so I will be going to that as well.  Meeting these people who have had such an impact on USF will be a huge opportunity for us!  I personally did not know anything about the Morsanis until last week, so I know personally, I’m pretty excited.

I have also been in contact with a couple different churches to see about starting a drive with them, but so far, nothing has been confirmed yet, but I am expecting to hear back from them soon.  I have contacted a couple people at the Marshall Center too to see about donation boxes, but I haven’t heard anything solid yet either.  And I am still working with Theta Chi to get an event together, and start advertising it.  And for anyone who hasn’t read them yet, we have stories in USF News and also in the Oracle!

Note from Jordi’s teacher Mrs. Temple:  We’ll move the class on April 3rd to the park so we can all help with your event. We are a team, right?

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