The Wheels are Turning

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Things are looking up so far! Our class is planning a joint event after the USF Spring Break. We will set up a booth, or whatever we can get, and stack up on boxes of donated pizza, thanks to my classmate Chase. I think the consensus has been to sell the pizza at $1 a slice or a slice for any donated item. What I think is the problem with that is that $1 for a slice of pizza is not as attractive as 50 cents. Why I think 50 cents is a perfect number is because, even if a person doesn’t have change, or is on the fence for whether to buy a slice of pizza or not, would be quickly swayed by the prospect of being able to buy two slices for just $1! Most people will probably not want us to give them change just so they can get one slice of pizza. If they’re anything like me, they will hate the idea of breaking a dollar! They will just opt for the two slices of pizza and helping some children along the way.

Also, two of my BBC friends, Donna Choi and Jared Huffman, have done some supply raising of their own and have collected about 50% or 75% of a box. I really appreciate their help, and I love that they were inspired to help. Jared even said that he’s actually read my blog! It felt good to be able to motivate a friend to become an active part of changing the world. In other news, I’ve created a page on the website My URL is This website allows people to make quick donations online using their credit/debit card. I have all of my information, the class and project information, and the video news story that Fox News created about our class. I also have a very cool progress bar that shows how much has been donated to my cause and how much more I need to reach my goal (the goal is $130). I still haven’t received any donations, but I’m hoping that will change soon. Some friends have even pledged to donate a dollar to contribute to the shipping fund.

My mom is also helping me with my project. She is rallying the family for support! She is calling all of our family members and getting them to donate some money for the fund. She is also even going to solicit donations from the people that work at her hospital (She is a doctor). I have big hopes for what can be gained from this. The wheels are definitely beginning to turn!

If anyone is reading this and is inspired to help our class raise funds to ship 120 boxes filled with school supplies to children in Afghanistan then I implore you to make a donation! Just go to: and click the donate button. A little really does go a long way with what we are trying to do.

About Julio Novo

I am currently a Junior in the Honors College studying finance at the University of South Florida. I also hold a seat on the board of directors in the International Business Board in the university. My business interests are in investments and financial analysis and I am currently working to obtain a summer internship in one of these fields. However, my life isn't all about business. I am a very active tennis player and my interests range from programming to creating music. My ultimate goal is to have a significant impact on the world. A good one, of course. But for now, I'm taking things one step at a time, one managerial accounting test at a time.
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