And so the Pieces Come Together…

I’ve always believed that everyone has a role to play and being a part of this class has only strengthened that belief. Many of us that are here today had no idea what to even expect when we first took this class! We were lucky to be one of the few classes that the teacher showed up the first day to explain how the class would work. I still remember that day leaving with a shy grin on my face excited that I had gotten such an opportunity.

I remember rushing out of the class calling and texting random friends about my awesome honors class and how it was going to be run! More importantly, I told them about the situation in Afghanistan and asked if they would be interested in helping. I expected to get fake promises and pledges but it’s clear to me now that boy was I wrong.

One classmate got 3000 pens donated! Are notebooks next....(Image Courtesy of Facebook)

Our entire class has been doing an amazing job collecting the school supplies that we need for this project. Everyone that we have asked to help has been so accomodating and either willing to help or provide some sort of support.  That it has been a huge sigh of relief.  When we originally talked about the class, we expected very few people to be supportive of the cause since not many people had an idea of what the project even was! On the contrary though, we have received a lot of support as many of my colleagues have found new and creative ways to market this project!

Things are getting really intense as the topics in the class are reaching new heights. We are starting to think beyond this class and what we could do to make this class even better and even turn it into a student organization at USF! All these ideas and dreams that people have for this project are starting to come to life and it brings about a new sense of inspiration for activism and community work within my self! It’s amazing to see how one project for a good cause can go so far when many that might have tried to accomplish the same, have failed. USF has been a huge supporter as we have gotten mentioned in our student newspaper, The Oracle and even on the front page of the USF website!

We were featured on the Oracle and the Front page of USF! (Image Courtesy of Facebook)

Throughout the semester, I have been constantly asked about this project and how people could help with it! Now it’s hitting crunch time as we reach the one-month mark of us working on this project. All this talk about making an organization, organizing events, etc., was before just all talk. Now it’s time to put our money where our mouth is and make something happen. Our first plan of action is to have a booth at Bull Market at USF near the Marshall Center and collect school supplies with pizza as an incentive on March 30th! So here’s something to note for all you spring breakers.  While you’re bumming around your house opening and closing the fridge to find something to eat, bring back those extra school supplies you have at home and send them our way. We’ll make good use of them, I promise!

I promise your donation will make a difference...(Image Courtesy of: Tompoloart)

Here’s the link to our Bull Market Event:

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