An Education Is Priceless

A cup of coffee should not be more important than a child's education. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images.)

How much is a cup of coffee?  One dollar?  Two dollars?  For less then that, you can run down to the local Wal-Mart (or any office supplies store) and buy multiple pads of paper, pens, pencils, etc.  Why do I say this?  Because that one or two dollars can help a child in Afghanistan get an education.  These children have nothing to take notes on, nothing to carry their books in, and nothing to help them receive a better education.

After speaking with Professor Temple this week, I was told the children in Afghanistan who are lucky enough to have paper to write notes on, typically use that same paper over and over again.  They will write their notes for one class on the front using pencil.  Then they will move to the back of the paper when they can’t fit any more notes on the front.  At the end of the year, instead of just throwing the paper away, the students will save it for the following year.  When the following year arrives, the students will use pen to write over the pencil marks from the previous year.  This made a huge impact on me because that is just another thing we take for granted.  We forget how easy it truly is to run out to the local office supplies store and pickup a new pad of paper.  So, let’s hold off on that Grande Vanilla Bean coffee and use that money to educate a child instead.

A fellow classmate of mine goes into more detail in her post.  Check it out here.

One pencil can change the future for a child and a country. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images.)

For now, the children in Afghanistan have nowhere to turn.  They need our help to educate themselves.  With our class hard at work, we have recently been able to acquire 3,000 pens thanks to BIC.  The only way we managed to get the pens was by asking.  If we don’t ask, we will not get anything.  I’m sure there are plenty of people who could spare a cup of coffee or a snack from a vending machine in order to provide a child with the tools needed for an education.  Think about that for a second.  It makes you feel good knowing that no donation is too small.  It doesn’t matter if you can only donate one pencil or 5 million pencils.  It will make a difference.  That one pencil will help one child get a better education.  Who knows?  That one child could grow up and become the future leader of Afghanistan.  Who knows if the future leader of Afghanistan would be there today if it wasn’t for your donation of a pencil.

Last class we went around the room discussing other ways to increase donations of school supplies.  I found out that Wal-Mart sells notebooks for $0.89.  That’s right!  $0.89 can buy you one notebook full of paper.  So the question remains.  Why not?  Why not go out and donate a notebook that costs $0.89 so a child in Afghanistan can get an education?  Think about it this way.  You can change a child’s life for only $0.89.  Still not budging?  Think about it this way, then.  You can change a country’s future for only $0.89.

About Chase Zimmerman

I am 22 year old Advertising major at a the University of South Florida.
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