Think Globally, Act Locally: How Freedom HS Joined Our Cause

When my partner and friend Zoe Stiling and I began our arduous school supply journey, we did not receive much feedback. We thought to include our beloved high school, Freedom High School, in the hopes that our former teachers would be willing to help us with our cause. Well, we were not met with much enthusiasm in the beginning when we sent out many emails and only received one response. Needless to say, we were starting to doubt the amount of supplies we could gather.

Mrs. Tiffany Carr, from Freedom High School,has one of our boards up in her class to get the word out to her kids! Her boxes are by her desk!

After meeting with our USF Honors class the following week, we realized that we were going to make sure people knew we meant business! Zoe and I went down to Freedom High School and spoke with Principal Farkas who gave us the okay to proceed with our plans for the drive. We visited five awesome teachers that day on our list of about 15 and go the ball rolling. As soon as we left the school, we went to the post office and picked up 30 large flat rate boxes to bring back to our awesome teachers who joined our cause!

Ms. Jenna Ball, Science teacher from Freedom High School, has her boxes lined up for her classes to compete for homework passes for whoever gets the most supplies!

Zoe and I were so excited to go back to Freedom to drop off the boxes and present to more class periods about our drive. We managed to add more teachers to the drive and used 5 more boxes from the post office for them to fill with their classrooms! Needless to say, Zoe and I were very ambitious and believe that Freedom can fill each one of the 35 boxes we provided! That day, we spent a total of four hours at Freedom High School and between talking to the teachers, presenting their classes and catching up with on of our favorite teachers,  time went by in a flash.

Zoe and I in Mrs. Carr's class by her Support the Troops sign! She is also the club sponsor for the Armed Forces Club at FHS.

When we presented to the classes, we made sure to tell them that they could make a huge difference by making this little donation. The students had to be informed of what was appropriate and what was inappropriate as for as notebook cover designs. For example, some of the Disney princesses cannot be portrayed on the school supplies because most show cleavage or exposed arms and legs that is not culturally sensitive in a Muslim county like Afghanistan. Also, I made sure to tell them the real importance of the school supplies. In helping this drive, the students at Freedom High School would be contributing to the first generation of educated girls in Afghanistan, an opportunity that would have been unthinkable 10 years ago. In addition, the students would be fighting the Taliban by educating the population they rule over using fear. Through education, this generation can rise above terrorist views and threats and take back over their country. So by focusing on bringing in school supplies the students can accomplish so much more than extra credit or community service hours; they can change lives and the face of a nation.

Me holding my sample box before we presented to Ms. Jenna Ball's science class! (Photo by Zoe Stiling)

Showing my love for our troops! They are awesome! (Photo by Zoe Stiling)

To help us ship these 35 boxes, we need money ($12.95 per box) which we have found hard to come by from people. Please follow the link provided and make a tax deductible donation to help us get these supplies to the kids that need them a world away.


About arantzazugarate

I am a student in the Honors College at the University of South Florida working with my classmates to bring education to Afghanistan's children.
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