Events, Events, Events!

HRH Edward of Wales once wrote, “He who whispers down a well about the goods he has to sell will never make as many dollars as he who climbs a tree and hollers.” In order to promote our school supplies drive, it is vital to market, market, market! The question, however, is how to market our cause? We’ve already utilized social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, the radio and the USF Oracle, but we still need to market more.

Partnerships with campus events have been a very beneficial asset, so in class we finalized plans for holding our own event at the USF Bulls Market. The USF Bulls Market

Courtesy of USF Marshall Center

is an age-old USF tradition that allows for student organizations to advertise to other students, businesses to sell their products, and promotional companies to give away free samples. The event generates a great deal of attention, and is hosted every Wednesday between the MLK Plaza and the Marshall Center. This event, we have decided, is a perfect way to reach out to the entire USF community and visitors, not just the organizations we partner with. On Monday, March 30, 2011 we will be hosting a collection at the USF Bull Market. At our table, we will be collecting supplies for anyone who has extras to get rid of, and exchanging them for a slice of pizza. We will also be selling the slices of pizza for $1 each, in order to raise money for our shipping fund. Our hope is that the event is a success, and we collect a great deal of boxes. There is a Facebook event for interested parties to get more information at: . We really need the student body’s support on this project, and by tabling at this event, we hopefully will be able to spread awareness.

On the housing side, we have been lucky enough to receive another partnership with the Cypress area. Sarai and I are going in to talk to them tomorrow at their staff meeting. They will be hosting an event called “Cirque du Cypress” this Friday, March 4 from 3-6 PM in the Cypress Fields. Students who attend will have tons of FREE food, prizes, and entertainment including a live DJ and performances, dunk tank, inflatables, stilt walker, and the chance to win a goldfish. Students will be given the opportunity to receive rewards, such as an extra raffle ticket, if they bring in school supplies to donate.

This Tuesday, from 7-9 PM, we will finally be able to attend the long awaited Holly Casino Night! We are really hopeful, and are crossing our fingers that we collect a lot of supplies! A special thanks to Dan Stypa, RLC of Greek Village, and the rest of the Holly RAs for allowing us to attend this event!

About Kati Fratesi

My name is Kati Fratesi and I am a senior at the University of South Florida, majoring in Psychology and focusing on leadership studies. I am an active member of many campus organizations, including Delta Gamma Fraternity, Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement Leadfellows and the National Society for Leadership and Success.
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