Working hard to achieve our goals

This Tuesday was a super busy day for me. Not only was I dreading a class PowerPoint presentation (which I’m pretty sure I aced!), but I had two opportunities to speak to some student organizations about School Supplies for Afghan Children.

Photo Courtesy from USF

The first student organization I talked to was the USF Student Government Senate. My fellow classmate, Kryssa Johnson, got us in the SG meeting so that I could speak during open forum. It was a bit intimidating going into senate. There were about 30 representatives in attendance that I had to convince in less than 5 minutes to care and support our cause. Hard task, huh? During open forum (which I almost missed because I was so engrossed in hearing everyone else), I did my 2 minute spiel during which I received some applause from the room. Now it’s the waiting that’s the hardest part. Waiting – to see if my plea for support was effectively communicated in those 2 minutes.

The second organization I spoke to were the Holly RAs. Because I got my nerves out of the way during the SG senate meeting, I was more comfortable talking to this group. Dan Stypa, the RLC in charge of the RAs, let me have the floor with as much time as I needed to get my message across. The meeting turned out to be a success with the RAs on board with helping our cause! I told them next week I would bring by boxes with fliers so that everyone can have one to fill. Some of them are planning on getting the school supplies donated through either floor meetings or making a program out of donating! If all the Holly RAs (about 20) got one box full, Kati and I can easily achieve our goal of 20 boxes. We’re not stopping there however. We’re making plans on reaching out to all the students on campus through the various RAs like Cypress, Andros and Juniper Poplar to make this drive a sensational triumph!

This week I felt very motivated from hearing about my classmates’ successes and failures so I decided to ante up and really TRY like I’ve never tried before. In high school, I was in the International Baccalaureate program where they emphasized the importance of “internationalism” and how something that happened across the world affects us in our daily lives. Knowing that my teachers and those IB kids are some of the most generous people I know, I emailed about five of my former IB teachers asking them to support my cause by sponsoring one of my boxes. I also asked them to pitch the idea of a donation drive to their students in hopes of partnering with Vanguard High School for this fabulous charity.

I STILL didn’t think that was enough so I took my classmate Kacie’s advice and emailed different school supply companies in hopes of any donation. Hopefully some of my emails will bear fruit and accompany the 3,000 pens Kacie received last week from BiC Corporation.

Some of the donated supplies we need to pack and ship for kids in Afghanistan (Photo by Liisa Temple).

Our class has lots of exciting things we’re currently working on so expect nothing but honest hard work and spectacular things from this Honors group! Suddenly it seems like our goal of 120 boxes and $1,554 to ship these boxes to Afghanistan is now attainable and easy to surpass.


About Sarai Quiel

I just graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelors in International Business. Instead of taking the next normal step in life (aka finding a 9-5 job), for 8 GLORIOUS months, I will be teaching English in Malaga, Spain! Obviously because of my choice location, I wholeheartedly enjoy soccer, travelling, photography, reading, Salvador Dali, the beach and living life to the fullest. Click on my blog to read about my life as an expat and my latest travel adventures!
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