Crayola Happy

Moments that put a real smile on your face come by once in a while. Times that take you by surprise and leave you awestruck happen rarely. Possibilities that you deemed would never occur becoming a reality are not very often. In the past few days, I encountered such experiences more so than ever before. One particular incident stood out significantly as it brought about the beginning to an amazing day.

As I followed my daily routine, which began by dragging myself to an 8 am class on Monday, I found myself in the office of student organizations, where the USF Muslim Students’ Association office is located. I made my way toward the computer and right as I was about to sit down, I noticed a piece of paper that caught my attention. To say the very least, this note made my day! The note said “For Mohammed Ali Ismail, (School supplies for Afghanistan).” I shook the bag around a bit to gauge how many crayon boxes were actually in the bag. A great sense of joy filled me as I realized that my friends and colleagues had begun to care about this project as much as I do.

A note that was left on the desk on a bag full of Crayola crayons. Photo by Mohammad A. Ismail.

I was too caught up with the bag of crayon boxes that I did not even notice the other box that was staring at me right in the face. This other box was full of notebooks, pencils, pens, and composition books. Another box for the children of Afghanistan!  I could not believe what was in front of me as it was all completely unexpected! So many people had taken a liking to a project that they knew almost nothing about a week ago. The initiative these people took by contributing to the cause showed that they had developed an attachment to the project as well.

Ever since I first got into this class and was introduced to this project, I started to mention it to my close friends and colleagues who I assumed would be interested in the project. To  my amazement, they were more willing to help than I thought! Just one Facebook status brought me numerous messages asking me how they can donate and what are the supplies that I needed. These means of social networking and communication have greatly facilitated in spreading the message about the project and attracting attention to it. My Facebook and cell phone have been flooded with messages and calls since then. It is remarkable to see the positive response that I have received from everyone. I hope that the motivation to make a difference instilled within these people continues to last forever.

Box of school supplies I received this week (Photo by Mohammad A. Ismail).

It is not easy to have others appreciate the things you value dearly as much as you do. Each person has their own interests and their own goals that lead to a difference in perception. Seeing that piece of paper made me be grateful to the amazing people that I have been surrounded by at the University of South Florida. These people are constantly around to help others that are less fortunate than them even if it is inconvenient for their routines. All this work requires immense motivation and everyone who has been so willing to help has clearly showed it because this is definitely not an easy task!  So a special thank you to all that have donated towards my goal for this project, and I hope and pray that people continue to support this project and donate whatever they can!

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