Social Media Is Powerful!

This week has been extremely successful for me.  Not only have I collected more school supplies, but also I have started receiving funding for the shipping of these supplies.  So far, I have received confirmation for a check that will cover the shipping of the 10 boxes I am responsible for this semester.  I am also expecting to receive two more checks that have been graciously donated.

Social media powerhouse companies Twitter and Facebook. (Photo Courtesy of

Without using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, reaching friends and family members would not be possible.  Well, I guess it would be possible, but it would take much longer.  With Facebook, I was able to send out loads of information for everyone to see.  I linked my blog posts to my Facebook and Twitter in order for my friends and family to see exactly what it is I’m doing.

Friends have seen my statuses on Facebook and have actually brought me school supplies.  Many friends even asked if there was anything else they can do to help.  Of course, there are plenty of people who will see the status updates and look the other way, but as long as my updates of information reach one person, I have been successful.

Notebooks I am working on getting donated from companies such as Mead. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images.)

Currently, I’m working on getting more school supplies donated.  I have contacted a couple major companies who manufacture notebooks to see if they would be willing to help.  BIC, the pen company, has already donated 3,000 pens, thanks to one of our classmates.  I would like to have one of the manufacturing companies that make notebooks match that donation.

When I first started this semester, I really had no idea how much I would be able to help.  I knew social media was powerful, I just didn’t realize it was as powerful as it is.  And to stop and think for a second, without social media we would not have been able to raise money and school supplies for the needy children in Afghanistan.  We are giving many children in Afghanistan a chance to earn an education.

This class has really opened my eyes and has shown me that I can truly make a difference.  All I have to do is use the tools in front of me.  Facebook has been something I have used for a long time now and it took me until this year to use it for a purpose like this.  I thank Professor Temple for helping me realize this.

About Chase Zimmerman

I am 22 year old Advertising major at a the University of South Florida.
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