Helping Hands

Convoy leaves school

Convoy Leaves School at undisclosed location in Afghanistan. Photo by SMSgt Rex Temple (2009)

This past Sunday I went to my friend’s chapter meeting for the fraternity Theta Chi and presented to them about our project and asked them if this is something their volunteer committee would be interested in helping with.  And they have agreed to help with this project and help organize Theta Chi fundraisers and school supply drives for this cause through their Helping Hands initiative.  I was really nervous about going to the chapter meeting and giving a presentation, I only knew a couple of the members at the meeting.  But after I was finished talking, and started taking questions, they seemed really enthusiastic about helping.

I also talked to my old youth pastor at the church I go to.  I told him about the project and everything I’m doing for class, and he is going to see if we can put a donation box in my church.  We have a big youth group and the church is always doing community service projects, so I think we should be able to get a donation box and it should do really well.

All these donations came from the USF Honors College drop-off site - probably enough to fill 3 shipping boxes (Photo by Liisa Temple).

I have already gotten some school supplies just from friends and people I know that I have talked to about it, but it is not much yet, maybe enough for 1 box.  The Honors College drop box has been very successful though, we checked up on it on Monday and found that it was overflowing with maybe 3 boxes worth of school supplies!

Tomorrow I have an appointment at the Honors College to talk with one of the advisers there about having an Honors College school drive event.  I also talked to a friend that works with the Marshall Center and asked him about setting up a donation box in the Marshall Center, and he put me in contact with the Administrator and Director of the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement to see about getting the donation box set up, and I am waiting to hear back from them.  I also contacted the Dean of the College of Engineering about our project and he got back to me already and said that he supports this project, thinks it’s a great idea, and put me in contact with the right people to get a donation box set up.

One of my friends who I told about this class also gave me an idea.  The Morsanis are a couple who have donated millions of dollars to USF, and March 7th 2011, the Honors College is having an event in the Honors Lounge called “An Afternoon with the Morsanis.”  My friend said this would be a great opportunity to meet a couple of USF’s biggest donors and maybe get some tips and ideas from them.  So I made a reservation for the event and I plan on attending.  And remember, you can learn how to donate to our shipping fund here and learn where to drop off school supplies here!

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