The Hardest/Scariest Part It Making The Step

This past week we (Zoe Stiling and myself) followed up our unsuccessful emails to our old high school with a friendly visit. What an amazing difference showing up made! Everyone could not have been more friendly and more willing to help us with our project!!

Logo of the Freedom High School Patriots.

We went to visit a certain teacher who was the only one to reply to our emails, but I had looked up faculty online and had remembered about one of my favorite classes History of the Vietnam War. My teacher for this class was also  military wife and the club sponsor for the Armed Forces Club at Freedom High School, could there be a better person for the job? I think not! And sure enough, she was so excited to join our project; she even recommended other teachers that would most likely want to get involved as well.

Half of my beautiful box I will be using as an example for the students.

We ended up getting to Freedom around 2:15pm because that is what our classes would allow so we didn’t think we would be able to reach out to as many teachers as we wanted to (or as many as all of the ones I had on my list). But once we got there, we were able to speak with Principal Farkas about what we wanted to accomplish and he was willing to let us collaborate with his awesome faculty to collect school supplies for the children of Afghanistan. Speaking with 5 teachers that day and getting in contact with more we definitely had a successful visit. As we made our way up to the classrooms, we reminisced about our good old high school days and all of the great and sometimes not so great memories made in those halls. And about how fantastic it was to have the opportunity to come back and team up with some of the teachers we loved so much.

After all of the progress we made that day at Freedom High School, we immediately drove to our local post office to find as many boxes as we could. It was a relief to find out that they were free until the day we had to ship them! So with our renewed confidence in our drive, we took 30 boxes and emptied their floor supply of large, flat-rate boxes. The nice postal lady gave us a customs form, needless to say I think we will be needing to make another round for more of those!

Other side of my box used as a decorative example of how big the box is and how it can be decorated.

Now that we have our great teachers and our boxes, Zoe and I went to work for advertising our goals for the students and why they should get involved. Zoe is in the process of making some posters and I have decorated a box to show how creative the students can be with the boxes!  We will be setting up specific times this week to go to Freedom again and present to the classes. The posters will stay there and we are also making donation jars to help out with the shipping costs. I calculated what the shipping costs would be for 25 boxes and it is $325.75!! That is a lot of money we need to raise! So I was thinking we could do a car wash or a fundraiser at a local restaurant to help us out.

Overall, the first step in actually going to Freedom High School was a little scary which made it hard to find the courage to go through with it, but when I thought about why we were doing it, it made it all worth it and I wasn’t intimidated anymore.

To help with our shipping funds, please visit and make a donation. Thank you!

About arantzazugarate

I am a student in the Honors College at the University of South Florida working with my classmates to bring education to Afghanistan's children.
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